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by ExMortis

Part 3: Episode 2: The Lost Talisman


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Pentawa II" MS-DOS version
"Forest" MS-DOS version
"Debitel Priest" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Underground Dungeon" MS-DOS version
"Forest" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Underground Dungeon" Sorcerian: Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Underground Dungeon" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Underground Dungeon" Sorcerian Forever I
"Forest" Sorcerian Forever I
"Underground Dungeon" PC-98 version
"Forest" PC-98 version
"Sand Mariber" Sorcerian Forever I
"Travelers' Inn" Sorcerian Forever MIDI Piano


The leaves have fallen from the trees in the city of Pentawa, and there is snow on the bare branches. The capital suffers in the grip of winter, but elsewhere in the world it is summer. In frozen Pentawa, people are beginning to whisper 'Perhaps something has happened to the Talisman.' Meanwhile, it grows colder.

The Talisman of which they speak is a magic stone with the power to control nature. Even locked inside the golden pedestal which controls its power, it has created a dense forest all around itself.

Rumor has it that an evil magician -- Destru -- and a band of his malicious followers have come to live in the Talisman forest, perhaps with the intent of controlling the magic stone for their own purposes.

The king sends a scouting party to the Talisman forest to investigate. They arrive to find everything seemingly normal, but as they are leaving, a tree springs up before them and grows with incredible speed until they can no longer see its tip against the sky. It's evident that someone or something in the forest is tampering with the balance of nature. Suddenly afraid, the party hurries to the pedestal where the Talisman is kept, and finds it... empty!

The Talisman, a magic stone with the power to control the forces of nature, has been removed from its rightful place in the center of a great forest, and is being turned against the city of Pentawa. It may be the doing of Destru, an evil magician, and his followers.

Find the Talisman and return it to the golden pedestal before Destru uses its power to destroy Pentawa and conquer the world.


SAP FROM THE GIANT TREE: This sap is collected from the roots of the great tree in the center of the forest. It has a strong scent.

PRISON KEY: This can be found in a place where some of Destru's followers are hiding. It opens the doors to the jail cells.

PRIEST'S KEY: Carried by one of Destru's priests, it is carved with religious symbols.

GOLD PEDESTAL: Only this pedestal has the ability to restrain the awesome powers of the Talisman.

TALISMAN:A magical stone which has the power to control the forces of nature, for good or evil.


CHRONODEMON: A rotting skeleton in a red robe, summoned by Destru to protect his followers. It possesses strong offensive magic.

HILL GIANT: Semi-intelligent humanoids. They work for Destru, and will lcub to death anyone who comes close to his stronghold.

PURPLE WORM: These 3-4 meter long worms live under ground. They attack when they feel the vibrations of someone passing overhead.

DESTRU: A powerful and evil magician. His goal is to use the Talisman to control the forces of nature and rule the world. Some say he is also a shapechanger.

SAND MARIBO: Crablike monster with a large body and four long jointed legs. It hides in the sand, and pounces on its victims.