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by ExMortis

Part 4: Episode 3: Lucifer's Floodgate


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Pentawa I" Sorcerian Forever MIDI Piano
"Underground Dungeon" MS-DOS version
"Kraken" JDK Band 2008 Spring
"Underground Dungeon" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Underground Dungeon" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Underground Dungeon" Sorcerian Forver I
"Underground Dungeon" PC-98 version
"Travelers' Inn" Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1


The river that borders the kingdom of Pentawa on the west is called 'Blood River'. Although this name seems odd to strangers, this river is the only source of fresh water in the kingdom. It provides all the water for drinking, and for irrigating crops. For Pentawa, Blood River is the life's blood without which the land could not survive.

One day, the flow of the river slowed, then slowed again, until it was no more than a trickle of muddy water flowing over the riverbed. The king sent a small band of explorers to the river's source to investigate. When they returned, it was with news that someone had built a dam at the river's head, blocking the flow of water downstream. The floodgate could not be opened by any means known to them, but they reported that monsters in the vicinity seemed to be guarding something in the caves near the dam, and perhaps the key to the mystery could be found there.

There was almost no water stored in Pentawa, and if the gate could not be opened in the next few days, the crops would fail, and the people would begin to die of thirst.


Blood River, the only source of fresh water for the entire kingdom of Pentawa, has been dammed by an unknown enemy. If no way can be found to open the floodgate, Pentawa will begin to die of thirst within days.

The monsters who live in the caves near the source of the river are guarding something that may be the key to opening the floodgate. Find a way to open the gate and restore water to the dying land.


WHITE POWDER: Traces of this powder are sometimes found in dead fires.

THE SWORDS OF THE ARCHANGELS: Three swords named after three archangels. Possibly magical.

CRYSTAL SWORD AND SILVER SWORD: Forged by monsters. May have magical powers.


WOLF: These wolves live on the flesh of local monsters and the occasional adventurer.

GRIMLOCK: Dwelling underground, they have lost the ability to see, but their senses of hearing and smell are very well developed.

TROLL: Trolls have the power of regeneration, and only fire will kill or permanently injure them.

HOBGOBLIN: Related to goblins and giants, hobgoblins are large and fierce. The ones in this area are unarmed.

GOLEM: A humanoid monster made entirely of earth, it attacks by throwing the fresh mud that oozes from it constantly.

LIZARDMAN: Resembling a cross between human and reptile, they are skillful swordfighters. Their scaly hide functions as armor.

KRAKEN: Lives deep underwater. It attacks by throwing swords which it has taken from unlucky adventurers.