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Part 5: Episode 4: The Cursed Oasis


Music Used (in order of appearance)
Where we meet - Sorcerian Super Arrange Version I
Cursed Desert - MS-DOS version
Sand Castle - MS-DOS version
Sand Castle - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
Ruwan & Gold Dragon - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
Sand Castle - Sorcerian Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
Cursed Desert - JDK Band 1
Sand Castle - PC-98 OPN version
Cursed Desert - PC-98 OPN version


Hudson Bowyer had scarcely begun his breakfast of kippered herrings, when he heard footsteps running up the stairs to his bowmaking shop. The door burst open on the breathless figure of Shermas Winemaker. "Bad news, Hudson," he gasped. "They're saying that Ruwan has used his magic to poison the oasis!"

Hudson chuckled. "I can't remember the last time I saw you upset enough about anything to run. Sit down and have some of these kippers. Pentawa gets its water from Blood River, and the river doesn't run within a hundred miles of the oasis -- we're in no danger."

"Hudson, you never think things through, do you?" Shermas sat down heavily in the other chair. "If the desert king prevents caravans from using the oasis, they won't come here from Varaga any longer, and your supply of kippers will be cut off for good, along with about everything else Pentawa imports."

Hudson looked down at his kippers, then up at his friend. "By the Gods, you're right, Shermas. This is a genuine emergency. This means there'll be parties of adventurers leaving for the oasis right away. They'll need bows! And arrows!"

"And wine!" Shermas exclaimed, jumping up from his seat. "I must go and tend my shop."

The door slammed behind Shermas Winemaker, and Hudson went back to his breakfast. Who, he wondered, would these courageous men and women be, who would brave the wrath of Ruwan the desert king, and restore the pure waters of the cursed oasis?


A vast desert lies between the seaport of Varaga and the city state of Pentawa. The oasis that provides fresh water for caravans traveling between the cities has been poisoned with a curse.

Trade between Varaga and Pentawa will cease, causing severe hardship to both cities, unless someone can reverse the spell and purify the water.


OIL: There are many jars of oil stored beneath Ruwan's castle. It appears to be olive oil.

CRYSTAL GLASSES: A pair of odd-looking eyeglasses.

THE MAGIC KEY: This key opens an important door somewhere in the castle.

OASIS HERBS: A special herb grows in the oasis. When burned, its smoke has a magical effect.

HOLY WATER: This is the only substance which can reverse Ruwan's spell of pollution.


BASILISK: A magical reptile with the dreadful ability to turn a person to stone. (note: Like the gnome from episode 1, not actually in the MS-DOS version)

SANDWORM: Their stomachs are filled with unusually strong hydrochloric acid. They attack by spraying it from their mouths.

BERSERKER: Maniacal warriors who are totally without fear.

POISON SNAKE: Unusually large snakes from the surrounding desert. Their poison is fast-acting and very deadly.

OCULA: A frightful monster resembling a giant flying eyeball. It has eleven eyes and a mouth full of razor sharp fangs.

IMP: These flying devils are loyal to the desert king. They will attack anything that comes too near his castle.

GOLDEN DRAGON: A large, dull gold-colored dragon. Ruwan is frequently seen riding it. It hides in the water behind an illusory waterfall, and attacks with firebolts from its mouth.