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Part 6: Episode 5: The Tower of Thieves


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Tower" - MS-DOS version
"Tower" - Sorcerian Forever I
"Tower" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Tower" - X1 PSG version
"Underworld" - MS-DOS version
"Shadow Dragon" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Underworld" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Tower" - MIDI Piano Sorcerian Forever
"Rooftop" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Tower" - PC-98 OPN version
"Underworld" - PC-98 OPN version
"Tower" - PC speaker version
"Major Demon" - JDK Band 1
"Beautiful Day" - MS-DOS version


A foul wind is blowing in the kingdom of Pentawa. It blows through towns and villages with gales of blood and tempests of destruction. It calls itself 'The Blue Wind'.

'The Blue Wind' is a group of ruthless thieves who are casting a shadow of fear over the countryside. They have taken over the ruins of an old castle abandoned long ago under mysterious circumstances; its strange, forboding atmosphere seems somehow fitting to their purposes.

A man, wounded in battle and nearly dead from hunger and thirst, has wandered into Pentawa looking for assistance. He tells of a narrow escape from the castle, and of a beautiful princess and many brave warriors held captive there. He also speaks of a vile demon and a dragon imprisoned for ages who may soon be free again.

The king has issued an order for all Sorcerian adventurers worthy of the name to respond to this man's plea for help. 'Go forth in the name of your ancestors and rid the land of this evil that calls itself 'The Blue Wind'.


An outlaw band is using a deserted castle as a base from which to raid nearby villages. They have captured the princess of a neighboring country and her company of fighters, who came to the castle on business of their own. There may be a dragon imprisoned under the castle.

Infiltrate the Tower of Thieves, and rescue the princess and her warriors from this band of robbers, who may be more powerful than they seem.


VASE: Located on the altar in the chapel of the deserted castle.

PASS: Several outlaws carry passes signed by Garok that allow them to go restricted places in the castle.

GARATEEN: A holy sword in a silver scabbard. The blade is silver carved with sacred runes.

RED BALL & BLUE BALL: These objects have something to do with opening some of the doors in the castle.

PENDANT: A gold necklace with a large gemstone hanging from it. It possesses a strong protective magic.


GAR: A ferocious fish that inhabits the lake under the castle. It has sharp teeth and powerful jaws.

MAJOR DEMON: A shapechanging demon that likes to take human form. Cruel and very deadly.

SHADOW DRAGON: The dragon has been imprisoned in a dark narrow cave for many years. Its wings have degenerated so that it can no longer fly, but its ability to breathe fire has not been diminished.