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Part 7: Episode 6: Master of the Dark Marsh


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Born on Battlelines" (vocal version of Where We Meet) - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Dark Swamp" - MS-DOS version
"Dark Swamp" - Sorcerian Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Dark Swamp" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Dark Swamp" - Sorcerian Forever I
"Dark Swamp" - X1 PSG version
"Red Dragon" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Dark Swamp" - PC-98 OPN version
"Beautiful Day" - PC-98 OPN version
"Travelers Inn" - PC-98 OPN version


Leeza was lost. She had wandered from her father's house in the forest and now found herself in the center of a great gloomy marsh, where one direction looked exactly like any other.

"Are you lost?" She turned around to see a young man smiling at her. Leeza nodded, tears springing to her eyes. "I lost sight of my house. I can't even tell which direction it's in."

The young man put his arm around her shoulders. "Don't cry, pretty girl. I'll take you to the edge of the forest, and you can find your way home from there. You don't have to be afraid any more." He held out his hand and she took it. As they walked, she watched him out of the corner of her eye and thought how beautiful he was.

He told her his name was Fragiore, and he lived by himself in the marsh. Along the way they talked and laughed together, then just before sunset, they came to the edge of the forest. Leeza's heart sank, for she knew she would have to say goodbye to the young man, and that they might never meet again. She realized that she had fallen in love with him.

"How can I ever repay you for your help?" she asked him. "There is something you can do for me," he replied, "Though perhaps it is asking too much. I have been lonely in that unlit marsh. I have often thought of taking a wife, but until today I never met anyone I wanted to ask." He looked down at her with eyes as black as the space between the stars. "Will you come away into the marsh with me and be my wife?"

Leeza's father was horrified. "You foolish girl! Don't you know who Fragiore is? What he is?" "I'm going away to be with him, and you can't stop me!" Leeza shouted. She ran to the edge of the marsh, where her young man waited. She did not want to hear that Fragiore was actually the master of the dark marsh, an ancient and evil red dragon.


Not far from Pentawa there is a dark marsh where dwells an ancient red dragon called Fragiore. He can no longer fly, and he can not leave the marsh, but he is still powerful and full of deceit.

He has tricked a young woman into marrying him, and her father has sent out a call for help. Someone must go into the marsh and convince her to leave Fragiore and return to her home before the awful marriage takes place.


CAULDRON: A large iron pot said to be good for preparing potions.

WOLFSBANE & MANDORAGORA: Rare magical herbs, used to create powerful potions.

BEEHIVE: Empty hives contain royal jelly extracts which have magic powers.

COIN OF JOY: An ancient gold coin said to bring happiness to its owner.

JACK'S FLAME: Although this strange burns constantly, it is never hot to the touch.

MOONSTONE, BLOODSTONE: Two gemstones, hidden somewhere in the marsh, are said to 'open the way' for whoever possesses them.


ZOMBIE: Reanimated bodies of people who have died in the marsh.

WASP: Wasps are aggressive and their poison is extremely strong.

MARSH GOLEM: This humanoid form made of swamp mud attacks by covering its enemies, who then drown in the mud of its body.

WATERSHELLY: This creature lives in the water, but has the power to control fire. It attacks by throwing fireballs.

RED DRAGON: This dragon is also a shape-shifting magician named Fragiore. He can not fly or leave the marsh, but he is still very dangerous.