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Part 9: Episode 8: Riddle of the Red Jewel


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Pentawa I" - Megadrive version
"Forest" - MS-DOS version
"Forest" - Sorcerian Forever II
"Forest" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Forest" - Sorcerian Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Giant Moth" - MS-DOS version
"Forest" - PC-98 OPN version
"Peaceful Forest" - MS-DOS version


Letter from Teto the silk spinner to his friend Nift, captain of the underground machine watch guard

Dear Nift,

I can only hope this letter reaches you, and that you are all right. We may be the only two people unaffected by the crisis that has befallen our land -- you because you seldom venture aboveground, and I because of my blindness.

A few days ago a strange red gem fell from the sky, into the deepest part of the forest. It gave off pulsing beams of scarlet light, and seemed to hypnotize any who looked at it. At once, the animals of the forest began to go mad. Some grew to monstrous size. Soon even the elves that dwell in the tree-cities were affected. They are no longer a serene people in tune with the life of the forest, but a dark mockery of their former gentle selves. They raised the jewel to the top of the tallest tree in the forest, where its light could shine for miles around. Soon, there was soon no-one in the area who was not affected by it. All the people are its slaves, now.

Yesterday as I approached the room where I keep my silkworms, I heard loud frightening noises from inside. I was unable to open the door as the worms, which had grown to many times their normal size, were pressing up against it, trying to escape from the room.

Today, an expedition from Pentawa arrived at my door. They are here to try and find a way to neutralize the red jewel's power and return its victims to normalcy. They say they need our help to accomplish this. I pray you are still alive and well, and that together with the Sorcerian adventurers, we will be able to free the others from their bondage to the red jewel.


A mysterious red jewel has fallen to the earth, and is causing madness with its pulsating red light. People, elves, even animals and insects are behaving in strange and dangerous ways.

A way must be found to neutralize the power of the jewel and make it harmless, thereby returning the beings affected by it to their previous state.


RED JEWEL: A mysterious red gem that fell from the sky. A strange red light shines from it, causing madness.

YELLOW JEWEL: When the red jewel's powers have been neutralized, it will turn yellow.

FAIRY TEARS: Tears cried by the fairy queen ages ago became gemstones. With them, one can see things that cannot be seen except by fairies.

LETTER: A letter written by the blind silkspinner Teto, to his friend who guards the underground machines.


SCORPION: Unlike ordinary scorpions, these are quite aggressive. (note: I don't run into these but they are apparently in the game. Shrug!)

SILKWORM: Teto's silkworms have gone berserk from the jewel's light, and grown to monstrous size.

PORCUPINE: Porcupines have become wild and vicious, and will attack anything that comes near them.

DARK ELF: The local elves have been transformed into dreadful beings of great ferocity. They are not to be trusted.

BEE: The bees have become as large as wasps. They can not enter their normal-sized hives, and fly about in swarms, attacking everything that moves.

SPIDER: The spiders, which used to live on small insects, have become enormous and are now stalking small animals and elves.

GIANT MOTH: This monster shoots needles from its mouth, and leaves behind it a poisonous powder.