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by ExMortis

Part 10: Episode 9: The Dark Magician


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Dungeon" - MS-DOS version
"Gedis" - Sorcerian Forever II
"Dungeon" - PC-98 OPN version
"Dungeon" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Blue Dragon" - Falcom JDK Band 2008 Spring
"Dungeon" - Sorcerian Forever II
"Gedis" - Sorcerian Forever II (latter part of song)


"They have not seen the last of me! I will return from beyond death, and I will have my revenge, even if I have to sell my soul to the devil!" These were the last words of Ghedis the sorceror, as the hangman's rope tightened around his neck. Then the trap beneath his feet sprang open, and Ghedis fell to his death; but his face wore a smile that sent a chill through the watching crowd.

Ghedis had been an excellent magician, perhaps the greatest in the kingdom of Pentawa, but his cold and selfish nature made him unsuitable for appointment as the Royal Magician, and the job went to Orsa, a lesser magician of better character.

Ghedis' anger and bitterness at being passed over grew year by year, until at last he determined to have his revenge. Using forbidden magics, he exerted control over the minds of the people, hoping to gain the kingdom for himself.

But Orsa used his own magics to counter Ghedis, and at last defeated him, binding him with a powerful spell. Ghedis was tried and executed for treason, but promised to return for vengeance from beyond the grave.

Fifty years have passed. Orsa is very old now, and in his nightmares he has begun to see recurring images: A dark cave, monsters ...and Ghedis, alive once more. "He lives again," Orsa says, to no-one. The years weigh heavily on him, and he is no longer as certain of his skills as he once was, but he knows what he must do. He must find Ghedis' hiding place before the dread magician can regain his full strength, and kill him for the last time. If only there were someone who could help.


Half a century ago, the magician Ghedis was executed for treason. He promised to return from the dead to have his revenge on the kingdom of Pentawa. Now it would appear that he is indeed alive again.

The magician Orsa is on his way to the dark magician's hiding place. He plans to kill Ghedis before he can regain his strength and begin his reign of terror, but he may not be able to accomplish this without help from the Sorcerians.


MOON STONE: A round gem that shines like a miniature moon.

STAR STONE: This gem glows with the light of a million microscopic stars spinning in their own tiny galaxy at its center.

SUN STONE: A jewel that gives off light and heat as though it were a little sun. Its power varies depending on the owner.

A RING OF KEYS: Several brass keys on a large ring. They look like jail keys.


GARGOYLE: A winged stone monster that looks like a statue until it moves. Its skin is as hard as rock.

GARBUG: A flying monster that inhabits the upper levels of the caves. It attacks with scissor-like appendages.

DARKSTALKER: Humanoid monster that blends into the darkness of the caves. Has a fondness for human flesh.

SNAKEGIANT: A large snake, several meters long. Crushes its prey, then swallows it whole.

SPECTATOR: The shape of this monster is similar to a human hand. It attacks using light beams from its eyes. (note: No it isn't, and no it doesn't)

DARK MAGICIAN: This is Ghedis, recently revived from the dead to take revenge for his defeat and execution 50 years ago. He is the master of many powerful spells.

BLUE DRAGON: Summoned by Ghedis to carry him to Pentawa in triumph when he has regained his strength.