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Part 11: Episode 10: The Cursed Ship


Music Used (in order of apperance)
"Where We Meet" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1
"Aboard Ship" - MS-DOS version
"Aboard Ship" - Sorcerian Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Aboard Ship" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Aboard Ship" - PC-98 OPN version
"Aboard Ship" - Sorcerian Super Arrange Version I
"Aboard Ship" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 1 (briefly)
"Landing Party" - MS-DOS version
"Landing Party" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Arch Demon" - Sorcerian Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Landing Party" - PC-98 version


From the ship's log of the Maria Regina:

17th day, month of Dagonn. Fine. A good west wind. Good progress. Toward sunset, the cabin boy found Jacob's body in the forward hold. His throat had been cut. There were no witnesses. I can think of no-one who might want to kill Jacob -- he was well-liked among the crew. He had been ill the last few days, but it seems unlikely that he committed suicide.

24th day, month of Dagonn. Rain. I am afraid for my son. I don't like the idea of his being here on the ship, now that I'm certain that someone aboard is a murderer. I've tried to warn him to be cautious, but he wouldn't listen. Maybe my timing was bad; his pet macaw just disappeared. We will be putting in at Pentawa soon, and I want him to stay with his mother. Tensions are running high on the ship. The sailors are beginning to whisper that we are cursed.

3rd day, month of Hydra. Calm. When we dropped anchor in Pentawa Harbor, some people came on board asking for passage. They are adventurers, it seems, off to right some wrong somewhere. They treat it like some kind of sport. I offered them free passage in exchange for convincing my son to stay ashore when we leave. They may find this task harder than battling dragons.


The ship Maria Regina is anchored in Pentawa Harbor. One of the sialors has been brutally murdered, and the rest of the crew is anxious and uneasy. The Captain's son refuses to go ashore to the safety of his mother's house.

If the captain's dilemmas can be solved, he might be willing to give you passage aboard the Maria Regina to exotic ports where adventure abounds.


HATCH KEY: A key of simple design, it unlocks one of the ship's cargo holds.

GOLD JAR: On its surface is engraved in ancient letters, "the one that is hard to let go."

BLOOD STAINED AXE: No murder weapon has yet been found. Could this be it?

AUGER: A common shipboard tool, used to make holes in barrels.

MACAW: The captain's son's beloved pet. It was startled by a ship's rat and flew away. The boy is very upset.

CABIN KEY: Key to unlock one of the sailor's private cabins.

DESK KEY: This key opens a drawer in a desk somewhere on the ship.


RAT: The rats aboard the ship have become very aggressive lately.

GHOST: Spirits who seek out the living to rob them of life energy.

SEAGULL: The seagulls are beginning to exhibit strange behavior, including attacking people.

OWL: These owls, like the other animals around here, have begun to attack people.

OAKROT: At first glance, this monster resembles the oak trees from which it evolved. (Note: Oakrot is not actually in any version of the game!)

ARCHDEMON: This demon takes the form of a huge devil-face. Burning rays shoot forth from its mouth.