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Part 13: Episode 12: The Caverns of Ice


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Cave I" - MS-DOS version
"Cave I" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 3
"Cave I" - PC-98 OPN version
"Cave II"- PC-98 OPN version
"Evil Shaman" - Falcom Boss Zanmai
"Cave II" - MS-DOS version
"Ekim" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 3
"Cave II" - Sorcerian Super Arrange version 1


I can no longer remember the last time I saw the sun. In here, there is no difference between day and night, and we have lost all sense of time. I suppose it doesn't matter, really, how long we have been imprisoned here, for sooner or later, the one we once claled our leader will take our lives from us.

Sokuram was the man I looked up to most in all the world. He was the greatest alchemist who ever lived, and when he was driven from Pentawa for conducting experiments in artificially creating life, I followed him into exile, along with many of his other assistants.

From Pentawa City, we headed for the mountains to the West. In a cave in these mountains was a deserted temple; in the temple, on a ruined altar, was a book. On its cover was written, in faded letters under ages of dust, 'Kitabu Alu Ajifi', 'The Book of the Dead'. How I wish he had never found it!

After spending many days and nights reading the ancient book, Sokuram emerged from seclusion with an insane light in his eyes. "We will now begin experiments to raise the dead," he announced. I remembered then what I had once heard about this legendary 'Book of the Dead' -- that it had been written by a madman, and that madness came to all who sought to understand its secrets.

His plan was to resurrect this demented religious leader and place him on the throne of the world with all Sokuram's secret magics at his command. We tried to stop him, but our combined powers were not enough. He locked us into this cage, and here we will stay while he causes the destruction of all we know. Meanwhile, the world grows colder as Sokuram draws all heat and energy for miles around to the service of his unnatural task. I am so cold...


The kingdom of Pentawa is suffering from an unusual cold spell. It is as though an unseasonal winter wind were blowing from the mountains to the west, where only a few short weeks ago, the alchemist Sokuram was sent into exile for conducting forbidden experiments to create life.

The king has asked the Sorcerian adventurers of Pentawa to journey to these mountains to discover the cause of this icy wind and find out if Sokuram's magic is behind the phenomenon.


LETTER PLATE: There are plates set into the walls in several places in the cavern. They have letters written on them.

LEVER: This angular piece of metal can be found somewhere in the cavern.

TEARDROP OF THE WIND: A faintly glowing blue-white stone. It belongs to the wind spirit.


SNOW TROLL: Humanoid monster made of ice and snow. It is very strong, with thick, icy skin.

SNOWBALL: A giant snowflake, magically animated. It attacks by throwing smaller flakes.

WHITE BEAR: This large bear patrols the caverns constantly, attacking all intruders.

KILLER SNAKE: A large vicious snake, given to Sokuram by a snake god.

SOKURAM: The powerful alchemist has learned many new tactics from 'The Book of the Dead'. He can now create multiples of himself.

EKIM: A wind spirit summoned by Sokuram to do his bidding. (Note: The manual says it's "Kahzeh" but that's a different character entirely)

Administrative Notes
I FRICKIN' LOVE THE MUSIC IN THIS STAGE. "Cave I" is my favorite Sorcerian song and easily way up there in VGM altogether. Here's some fan/unused arranged stuff:
A fairly traditional Cave I by Puchi Woodsoft
Trance remix of Cave I by Kwaion
Dream Forever from Perfect Collection (Cave II I think?)
Nicovideo of a guy playing some Sorcerian slap bass, starting with Cave I