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Part 14: Episode 13: The Curse of Medusa


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Forest" - MS-DOS version
"Village" - MS-DOS version
"Medusa" - Sorcerian Apprentice of Seven Star Magic
"Village" - PC-98 OPN version
"Village" - Sorcerian Forever 2
"Medusa" - Sorcerian Forever 2
"A Village Turned To Stone" - Falcom Neo Classic
"Medusa" - Sorcerian Pefect Collection vol. 3
"Forest" - Sorcerian Pefect Collection vol. 3
"Medusa" cont'd - Sorcerian Pefect Collection vol. 3
"Wink in my Soul" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2


The spring wind swayed the ears of new wheat on the hill, and turned the vanes of a windmill in the valley. It brought the smell of green growing things to the weary adventurers approaching the village. From a distance, everything seemed normal, but as the small party of adventurers drew closer, the peace of the little village seemed more like the peace of death.

There was no sign of life in the village -- not the barking of dogs or the laughter of children or the sounds of people going about their business. They began to knock on the doors of the houses, then entered when no-one answered. What they found was mysterious and frightening: Supper set on tables, warm ashes in the hearths, tasks left half-done. And everywhere, a complete absence of life. Whatever came here, came suddenly.

The party of adventurers entered a nearby mine shaft, thinking perhaps the villagers had sought refuge there. As they moved single file through the gloomy confines of the tunnels, they could feel a presence, see a shape looking up ahead. "Hello," the man in front called, "Is there someone here from the village? We're here to help you."

A moment later his companions saw a flash of light, and heard a frightened gasp. Their leader turned to stone before their eyes. One by one they rushed forward to confront the threat that had defeated their friend, and one by one they met the same fate under the gaze of the most feared creature on earth -- the dread Medusa.


The king of Pentawa has sent a party of Sorcerian adventurers to investigate the sudden lack of communication from a village not too far from the capital city. Now many days have passed, and no word has been heard from the Sorcerians.

A new party must be formed to find out what happened to the original adventurers, and discover the fate of the villagers.


MIRROR SHIELD: This item will reflect back Medusa's gaze.

BLUE CORD: The token of an agreement between the villagers and the spirit of a nearby fountain. When thrown into the fountain, it has a magical effect.

VENOM NEUTRALIZER: This medicine makes the one who drinks it resistant to snake venom.


GIANT BEETLE: Medusa created these insect monsters from her scales. They have sharp horns and a terrible bite.

GILLMAN: This mer-creature has the body of a fish and human limbs. It guards the old marsh, attacking invaders with a harpoon.

GRYFON: This fierce beast has the upper body of an eagle, and the lower body of a lion. It attacks invaders with beak and claws.

MEDUSA: This snake-woman has venomous snakes for hair, and the power to turn living beings to stone with a look.