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Part 15: Episode 14: The Missing Magician


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Underground Fortress" - MS-DOS version
"Underground Fortress" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 3
"Underground Fortress" - X-1 OPM version
"Fire Elemental" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 3
"Underground Fortress" - PC-98 OPN version
"Underground Fortress" - Sorcerian Forever II


"Gone?" The king of Pentawa rose, gripping the arms of his great throne. "The Royal Magician is gone? Where?"

"No-one knows, sire," the Captain of the Guard replied, "He left no word. No-one is even sure how long he's been gone. His servant said he had been meditating all day and night in his room, and he had orders not to disturb him. Until you summoned him, it was not known that he was no longer in his quarters. We have sent soldiers out into the city, but he's not there, either. Should I order a wider search?"

"Let me consider for a moment," the king said, beginning to pace on the dais before the throne. "He would not have left the city without telling me, no matter how dire the emergency. Without his protecting wards, Pentawa would be at the mercy of every wandering demon in this quarter of the world. And even his servant didn't know he'd gone. No, I can't believe he left of his own will." He turned back to the Captain. "He has battled many evil forces for the defense of Pentawa. Who do you think would be most likely to want to revenge on him?"

"The monsters who dwell near the volcano swore to find a way to defeat him when he set up a barrier of protection they weren't able to break. Perhaps they found a way through his barrier and kidnapped him."

"Perhaps that's the answer. At any rate, I'll need you and the Castle Guard to defend the city while he's gone. Put out a call for Sorcerian adventurers to travel to the volcano in search of him."

"Yes, your highness. Right away." The Captain bowed again, then turned and left the throne room to carry out his king's order.

"Yet I wonder," the king said to himself, "How monsters can have abducted the Royal Magician, who is himself our shield against monsters. Perhaps the Sorcerians will be able to solve this mystery."


The Royal Magician, who protects the kingdom from invasion by monsters, has mysteriously disappeared. The king suspects he may be being held prisoner near a volcano not far from Pentawa City. Without him, the kingdom is helpless against magical attack.

Sorcerians must travel to the city under the volcano to find and rescue the kidnapped magician before Pentawa falls victim to assault by monsters seeking revenge.


RED GEMSTONE: This stone is a key to closed doors, but it gives off a powerful energy that will burn anyone who touches it.

FLAME CRYSTAL: This crystal is immune to heat and fire.

MORNING STAR: An iron ball radiating sharp spikes, swung from a chain attached to a handle.


WERE RAT: Can take the shape of human or rat, but normally looks like a hybrid of both.

OGRE: Large humanoid monster, known for its cannibalistic eating habits.

AMOEBA: A huge one-celled animal which tries to dissolve and digest its victims.

SPIDER: These spiders are as large as human beings. Some wait for victims in their webs, others hunt their food more actively.

HARPY: A vulture with the head and upper body of a woman. It attacks by clawing, or by throwing its droppings.

HORNET: These giant insects have a nest somewhere in the area. They attack in groups, using their sharp poisonous stings.

FIRE ELEMENTAL: Born from hot lava, this powerful spirit controls the forces of fire. It attacks invaders with balls of flame.