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Part 16: Episode 15: The Water of Life


Music Used (in order of appearance)
"Pounding Heart" - MS-DOS version (substitute for Cave of Life)
"Cave of Life" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 3
"Cave of Life" - Sorcerian Forever II
"Cave of Life" - MS-DOS version (substitute for Fire Elemental)
"Cave of Life" - PC-98 version
"Pounding Heart" - Sorcerian Forever II
"Sorcerian Super Megamix Part 2" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 2
"Double Devils" - Sorcerian Perfect Collection vol. 3
"Pounding Heart" - PC-98 version
"King Dragon - Sorcerian the Prelude" - Falcom Boss Zanmai


The atmosphere in the Dragon's Tooth tavern in Pentawa today, is noisy and discontented. Farmers, normally in their fields this time of day, have taken to drowning their sorrows here long before sunset, and you can hear their loud grumbling all the way out in the street:

"How can I make a living off my land the way it is now? Even weeds won't grow in it!"

"I know. Nothing I planted this spring has so much as sprouted a leaf. And if our children don't eat, neither do anyone else's. Without crops, this country will die!"

"And the royal magician doesn't even know what's causing it. A lot of help he turned out to be!"

"But when we get the Water of Life, everything will be all right again. Then the land will grow food, and no-one will go hungry. That's what I've been told."

"Are you drunk, or just daydreaming? The one they sent to find the Water of Life never returned. The soil of Pentawa is cursed. We should take our families to find a place to live where we can at least grow enough food to eat."

Meanwhile, in another part of the capital city, the king has issued a call for more adventurers to follow in the footsteps of the missing explorer. The Water of Life must be found if Pentawa is to survive.


The once-fertile fields of Pentawa have become poor, and nothing will grow. The royal magician has prescribed the Water of Life, a magical substance to be found in a nearby place full of dangers and mysteries untold. The king sent an explorer to bring back this powerful potion, but soon after sending back a message of success, he disappeared. Now the king asks for others to follow in his footsteps.

Are there any brave enough to meet this challenge and go to recover the Water of Life for the sake of Pentawa? And will they return in triumph, or meet the same fate as the one who went before them?


CRYSTAL VALVE: This valve has some kind of effect on the living heart of these caverns.

SILVER TUNING FORK: This may have been left behind by the missing adventurer.

WATER OF LIFE: This holy water has the power to restore life. If it can be returned to Pentawa, it can be used to heal the soil.


CARRION CRAWLER: This giant caterpillar has a mouth full of poisonous tentacles.

SLUG: Like an ordinary slug, but much larger. Salt will dissolve it, but it would take a large amount.

DOPPELGANGER: This monster has the ability to take on the form of anyone it has seen. It could be posing as a member of your party. (for reference)

HIRU: A giant leech that hangs from the ceiling and drops down on those who walk under it.

WHITE BLOOD CELL: These are the natural defenders of the living caverns. They are secreted by the walls to fight invaders.

PILLAR DEMONS: These demons were locked into pillars years ago by a magician. They cannot leave the pillars, but attack with their eyes.