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Part 21: Thorndyke

Chapter 11- Thorndyke



You know, Gig, for once things actually went pretty well. It was boring. There wasn't anywhere near enough violence for me. Exactly. We headed out to meet with the Grand Cordon. The Queen herself came along to negotiate.


If that's true, you sure didn't bring much of an escape plan.
But I guess these are the best of the best, huh? Elites?
Something like that, yeah.
I'm the Grand Cordon of the Knights of Raide. But you can call me Thorndyke.
So, which one of you will I be dealing with?
Normally, that would be me. I'm Juno.
But our revered Queen Alexemia has decided to handle this herself.
As Juno mentioned, I am Alexemia.
My people have told me much about you.

I should mention, I've seen these comrades of yours before. Who are they?
Oh, but it seems one of the Sepp children is missing.
We are only here as witnesses.
Witnesses. Hmhm. You certainly don't seem neutral.
Hey, uh... who's that weird guy over there?

And that's when our day got about twenty times worse. I still don't get this guy's deal.

There's no escape this time!
You're in our way.
In... in... in your way?!
Why of all the...! You treat the master of reality, Dio, as a mere speedbump?!
Grrgrahgar... (I'mma thinkin' we are in da way.)
Gurugrah. (Lookit dem gamefaces dey got on.)
Yavis! You think this is a big joke?!
Well I'm very damn serious about getting my revenge!

I decided I had nothing further to learn, so I made my exit!
Don't you ever stop talking?
And don't you have anyone better to talk to than your pets?
Hoy, Dio! I got that there axe you wanted. You think this'll do?
Watch it, though! If ya ain't careful, you'll take yer hand clean off. Haha!
It's perfect, my comrade!
Last time we had to pull back, briefly, because we were ill-prepared.
But this time! This time, our weapons are top notch, and-!

This was when I started to get sick and tired of dealing with this clown. Can't blame you for that. Now you know how I feel every day.

Hey, pay attention! I'm talking, here!
You've left us no choice! Everyone, attack!
Wah! You done gone and broke it!
That thing's way too fragile...

The location was different, but Dio still had no chance against us. If he weren't constantly attacking us I'd feel bad for him. He's so outclassed it's sort of sad.

Feinne on Soul Nomad:

Dio? is easy as always. If anything, he's easier than normal, because he's off on his own. One Demon Blast and he'll be eating the turf. The Whirwin squads are some of the first fliers we'll see. Some melee classes, for example Danette, have bad matches with many fliers. Be careful of them.


Krukaruka kukuku. (It's sad when you're reduced to using farming tools. Teehee.)
M-my axe... I needed that!
Galdurn... the old lady's gonna give me hell fer this...
Kuurukku. (Sorry for gettin' in your way. Do whatcha gotta do.)

And with that they ran away. They might suck at everything else, but they're awesome at running away. True. Thorndyke had been observing our showdown, and seemed impressed.

That sorcerer and his gang have been a huge thorn in our side.
We've been getting dozens of complaints about them from the citizens.
Wow, who would've thought they'd actually help us out?
So, how exactly would you like to settle this?
Whatever you choose, if you lose you have to agree to leave the World Eater alone. Promise us this.
A large-scale conflict would be a waste. We have no need to shed so much blood.
We should settle the matter with a one-on-one duel.

So I accept.
If we lose, we shall agree to whatever conditions you desire.
Very direct, aren't you? Fine by me.
I will of course represent the knights. Who might my opponent be?

Hm...? What an odd choice...
Hey, you seem a little wobbly there. Is this really your best soldier?
I don't know what you have up your sleeve, but I won't hold back!

We gathered on the beach for the duel. I was hoping for lots of blood and gore, and walked away disappointed.

A kid...?
Phew. I was burning up in there!
Thanks, Danette!
N-no problem... but man you're heavy.
What's the meaning of this?
Are you mocking me?!
You should be ashamed, to make a child fight for you like this!
I should've known. It was a mistake to ever try and deal with the Nereids...
How could we ever trust people who would abduct innocent children...?

Hold on! What's this about?!
It can't be... Richard? Richard, is that you?
No... that's impossible! But your eyes... they're just like your mother's...
Umm, well I've never heard anyone call me Richard...
But I'm pretty sure you're my dad.
Oh, I just turned 11 a few days ago!
I don't believe it.

You must have been so lonely. I will never leave you again!
Come here, come to your father.
Dad... I'm sorry.
I was really happy when I found out you were my dad.
But I think I'm gonna stay with them.
But... why?
Well... I have a little brother now, right?
I guess you're training him to take over for you, right? And that'll all get messed up if I come back.
And everyone here, all the Nereids, are really nice to me. I'm happy here.

I don't know...
Heh, oh yeah. You don't have any parents either. Same as me.
Seriously, dealing with other people is more trouble than it's worth.

Then why did you bring him here?
Why, after stealing him away once already, would you taunt me like this?!
We never stole him away.
We made a treaty with your king.
This was 8 years ago. Do you remember your queen's illness?
The king?! 8 years ago...?
Yes, I remember, now. They said the queen would die. Said it was incurable. Then one day, she was healed...
That must have been your doing! The Nereid's healing power!

In fact, I understand the Nereid queen herself is quite capable.
Did you know that the Nereids are on the brink of extinction?
Our species cannot continue on without a male from a different race.
So when the king asked us to cure his wife, we asked for an infant in return.
By the way, Grand Cordon...
How is your king's son these days? Did they not recently hold a parade to celebrate his 11th birthday?
I understand now. So that's why...

Hmph. Such a spiritless response.
Doesn't it anger you that your king stole your child from you?
If someone took Penn from me like that, I'd kill him myself, king or not.
But... I am the Grand Cordon of the Knights of Raide.
So long as I serve my kingdom, I'm prepared to give everything I have for the people.
Even if that means my life, or my family...
Haha. Great, noble Grand Cordon of the Knights of Raide... you're a sucker.
Your king doesn't give a shit about you. He'd probably laugh in your face if you spewed that nonsense in front of him.
Ain't that right, kid?

I don't know who you are, but why do you insult my king so?
Look at this invoice...

You're telling me he's been lying to us all?
The Crimson Tear is forbidden for a reason. No wizard in the kingdom can contain its power.
You'll have to excuse me. This is all very confusing. I need time to think about it.
Very well.
Open your eyes wide, and take in everything.

So, it seems you're the key to all this.
You found the invoice, pushed the Nereids, and tossed my world upside down.
You're quite a mystery. In another world, you would have made a good addition to my knights.
A pity, really.
Well, I'll be going, then.

And with that he left for Raide. I'd have liked to help him, but we have our own things to do. We headed back to the Nereid's palace after the meeting.


We must wait. What will you do?
We have another World Eater to find.
Is that right? Well, if anything changes here, we'll be in touch.
We still need your help, after all.
I feel I owe you something for your help. Take some of my best warriors.
You have... what was it? Dominion?
My Queen, are you sure...?
*sigh* All these small fish don't get me any closer to what I want.
I guess we can dominate you, but you better not slow us down.
Go for it, kid.

What about you, queenie? Wanna come along?
Heh, no. But I shall send word to all the Nereids.
Our people will happily cooperate.

Now we've got to decide what to do next. We might be able to find information about another World Eater in Astec. Heh. Good luck with that, kid.