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Part 53: Layna III

Chapter 39- Layna III


Late Night

Layna showed me around Drazil. This is pretty much the worst place I can imagine. There's no freedom here, none at all. You do what you're told when you're told to do it, every day, until the day you die.

Oh god, even the damn babies all look the same. Just like the kid, here. How creepy is that...?

That was too close...

They can't buy kitchen knives or scissors, either. How can you live without a good pair of scissors?
The government gives them all their clothes and meals. Everyone eats the same meal every single day...

They usually stop aging around 16 or 17. Then, around 30, they start dying. Doesn't that just creep you out?

The gods run this world using the energy they harvest from the souls of the people. Just like Haephnes, I guess.
But no... I don't think it is the same. Don't you agree?

And then we got to the palace.


Everything was fine, until I got here. There was literally no way for me to get into the palace.
Heck, Virtuous didn't have any guards. That was a piece of cake.
So that's where you come in.
You mean because of my looks?
I'm expecting great things from you.
But it's getting late. We'll kick everything into motion tomorrow.

With all that had happened, I decided to see what Gig had to say about everything.

Yeah, well, there's really no reason for normal humans to know about it.
Normal humans...
Hey, don't get all depressed on me. Who cares if they look like you? They're not you! You're you!
You're the one I'm stuck with, and you're the one pissing me off!
So cheer up! You're making me feel like a moron by association!
You sure get pissed at little things...
Haha. You're starting to understand me, kid! I'm not the type to just shut up and take it when someone screws me.

So hurry up and get to sleep so we can get on with ruining their shit.
What, can't sleep? Heh. Want Uncie Gig to sing you a wuwaby?

It's time to rest. The big day is tomorrow. I'll write when it's all over.



It's done. It's all done. I almost can't believe it.

This morning we infiltrated the palace. Danette and Layna hid in a cart and I led it in. They clearly weren't expecting someone who looked like them to be a threat.


Hm? Wh-you there! What's in the cart?
Just a delivery...
You know I can't let you through without taking a look.
Ah, just construction material, I see.
(Phew! Good thing we added that extra layer...)
I'm sure I don't have to tell you how badly the palace has been damaged.
We've been having so much trouble with that fellow with the strange face rampaging all over the place.

He was talking about Gestahl. He seemed to be more powerful than we'd expected.

He shouldn't be too tough to spot, with that deformed face of his. Hey, if you see anything, let us know.
You got it.
Wait! Hold on!
It might be dangerous. Here, take a weapon. Oh, you already have one. Now that's odd...
Even us gatekeepers don't get such nice swords. Oh well. Stay alert! There's no telling when we might be attacked.

We got inside the dome of the palace. There seemed to be a commotion coming from inside.

Danette, wait! Stop-! Ow! Danette!
It wasn't me!
No, it's coming from... inside the dome. Sounds like fighting!

Wha-? Hey, stop pushing!
N-no, you can't go without me! You hafta stay where I can keep my eyes on you!
Hey, don't lean that way! We're gonna-!
Oh, dear! Look at their faces!
These must be the intruders!
Everyone, look! I found the intruders!
Hey, are you the ones trying to cause trouble?!
We won't allow such a disruption! Prepare yourselves!
Ahh...! I'm sorry!

So we began to battle, well, a whole bunch of me. They fought sort of like me, but are way weaker luckily. Gig decided he just had to comment on how much they look like me.

What? Don't be ridiculous! Look at them. You look nothing alike!
Uhh... but you just said...
Shut up! Stop living in the past! Just get rid of them!
They're like hemorrhoids for the eyes...

Layna unleashed her equivalent of my ultimate attack on the Drazillians. It was pretty good.

We had defeated the guards, and were about to enter the palace proper...

Next time on Soul Nomad: Gamma and Joules, the Masters of Drazil.