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by Vallhallan

Part 1

Soulblazer was the first part of a three part game by Enix. This is the prequel to such wonderful games such as Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma. I have always loved this game and decided to play through it again and thought "hey, I like them Let's Play threads. Why not try my hand at one." So without further ado. Let's Play Soulblazer!

Ahhh Enix. Maker of wonderful games, and constant bitch to Squaresoft.

Most people do what the screen says here, and miss out on the entire story for the game.

And these people were all executed for treason!

You know, because taxing people to oblivion doesn't work.

Surely nothing can go wrong with this plan!

Why he would summon someone that is known to be evil, I will never know.

Hey, if you include each ant in an ant hill that could be some serious cash.

For being the Master of the world he sure puts nothing into this.

And now we can press Start, since we have heard the name of the game twice now.

Well Folks, you heard him. We need our asses a name.

8 Characters. And I am not naming him anything gay like "Lolbutts" or anything like that.