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by Vallhallan

Part 2

And so we step to the right into the teleporter and end up...

In a single room!
Opening up the chest and we find:

OK, so it is the crappiest sword in the game, but at least it is something.

I then use the tried and true method of "Swing my sword and stand in place, letting the enemies run up next to me and die" method until,

A switch appears where the lair was!

Hitting the switch causes this old man to appear. I try to attack him, but all that happens is he starts talking to me.

He then explodes (or disappears, I wasn't paying attention) and starts following you around as an orb.

The orb is the best thing ever since your magic comes from it and, if you know how to control it well, it can clear out enemies before you even get there.

And so we head back home and toward grass valley.

Which is, aptly, full of grass. For some reason the evil does not consider grass life, even though flowers are. Why?

Coming up next:

I talk to flowers
Underground caves
Inanimate objects yell at me.