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by Vallhallan

Part 3

There is nothing to see in this area at all other then grass and rocks. That is until you go down the stairs and..

What's this? A flower? Flowers are my friends!

OK, Mr. Flower! I will run blindly into the cave of doom and rescue people!

So I head in and kill the first group of enemies. Now normally switches release a soul of someone, but sometimes they change the terrain. Like this goes to:

I am including this screenshot because at the time the enemies would literally walk up to me and stop right here. I waited like five seconds for him to do something and he just stared at me. So I killed him.

And as my reward I released and old woman back to her natural environment.

A two story house in the suburbs. Fly on you magnificent eagle, fly on!

This just shows how stupid they expect us to be. Not only is the crystal on the screen, but they don't bother saying North East, instead they show an arrow. They might as well make the crystal flash too.

So I talk to her, and I missed what she said in screenshot, but it was one of the typical "Be sure to equip stuffs, or you no can use!" speeches that these games always give you.

She also offers to teleport you back to the city. It might not seem like much now, but later levels you welcome free teleports.

I continue on and kill a few more monsters, releasing a bunch of people.

And by people I mean mostly plants.

THen I get to the ultimate goal of where you can't go further.

This might not seem like much, until you try and get on the elevator and it yells at you.

So I am forced to go back to the city and help the people that I just released.

Not pictured: Me receiving the Dream rod, but that is not going to be important in the future.

Coming up next time:
I talk to people now!
Climbing down ivy
Helping the Wheels to turn.