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by Vallhallan

Part 4

Finally I can leave that smelly dungeon and start talking with some real people! People with important jobs, like a bridge guard, and a guy that runs a mill!

That is what I would say if I did not already play this game... now I just say

First person we talk to is that bridge guard.

A guy who admits that he has no purpose at all here.

But that is fine because we can talk to the Miller! Millers are good people, right?

Yes good miller! I will happily help you!

Hmmm... that was suspiciously easy. Perhaps the miller could shed some light onto why that was no chore.

Wheel go spin spin!

Oh well, at least we have made it so the elevator will work. But first, there are people to talk to! People that are in no way creepy at all. Like the old woman we saved!


Of course being the nice guy that I am I agree. After all, the woman is lonely

As opposed to making up a name for me?

And now for the most surreal thing. Inanimate objects that talk!

And now we go back to the dungeon and clear some more lairs, releasing even more important people. Except one, who we will never see or hear from again after we talk to her.

Yeah, she is not important at all. Not one bit.

EWWW! She snores!

THis would be an image of the stand still and stab to death move. It also doubles as quick item collection, much like in the later games.

And that is all but one person from the cavern.

Next update:

Invasion of dreams is not invasion of privacy
Fetch quests with no destination
We finish with the first dungeon!