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Part 5

Plants, strangely enough, seem to be the smartest creatures in this game. They know more about what is going on then any person or animal you run across. Including knowing what is in your back pocket.

Also in case you never figured this out on your own there is an old man that tells you all about crab walking

I wonder sometimes how this comes up in casual conversation. I mean that would be like talking to your friends and one saying "Hey, how do I pick up this soda?" And you saying "Oh, just hit the circle button."

Anyway, I do what he asks and talk to him again

Thanks! Self Confidence has increased!

Now we can talk to the lovable scamp that works at the item shop with his mother!

Ahh Capitalism at it's finest! Supply and Demand! You sell that goat feed for however much you want young man!

That is except for your damn commie mom!

He is also not important. Ever. Nope. No one with a name is important in this game.

Now to look at the crazy old man seeing ghosts.

Again I consult nature, who knows everything.

This is the point where the game almost beats you over the head with your next goal.

Let's see. Sleeping person + Dream Rod + Dreams change reality = .99999...

So now we talk to the only person we have heard sleeping at all. You know, outside of her house. With the door closed.

OK, time to invade her dreams!

Wait, no that was the wrong dream she had. Let's look at the one she is having right now.

I step on a nearby switch, opening the last passage in the level and a voice comes down

No... but you can call me daddy!

And so I talk to her, which apparently wakes her up.

Fine, bitch, I suppose now is a bad time to tell you that I groped your boobs while you slept too.

Awww yeah, Gonna get some now!

Wow, thanks for that tip. I will just go look for it somewhere. You know, because it's not like you could have just hid it and remembered where you put it.

Luckily there was one chest in the new area we opened.

And we release the final person from this dungeon!

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