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Part 6

Well now that we have released the last person from the first dungeon let's see what he has to say!

Lonely goat to replace his wife. I will let you infer what I was going to say from that.

We leave the old man and his goat fetish to go remind Lisa where she stuck her father's brush.

Based on the way this is going she actually said "Lisa pulled out a note and began to read"

I am sure that is not important at all. What do some animals and a doll matter?

I think something about him leaving you for good and then he went insane. You know, that is just a guess.

Do I have a choice?

The answer of course is no.

Of course now we have to figure out where to go. Let's look at the brush that we were given.

Well now, obviously the only choice that we have is to... touch the painting with the brush that made it?

I am curious as to how he painted this, I am assuming that it was much like some of Eschers paintings and you are heading "back" into the painting.

And, of course, I free people. Since, that is sort of why I came here in the first place.

And by people I mean plants and animals.

This little fucker is the first of many enemies that we have to come back for eventually. I need to be able to destroy metal in order to kill them, and my weak ass sword can't do that.

And this is why I have to kill him. Damn thing is guarding a lair, which I honestly forget what I unlock from killing these guys.

And more releasing!

Finally the old man has his goat back.


And a couple of boys and a tulip. With this combo you can push the tulip to get a pass, then talk to the second boy released to get a magic jar. The only use of this is to keep your gems after you die.

I so wish I remembered to grab that before fighting the boss...

And in I go!

I wanted to get more screenshots, but I hate this boss, and I had the request to do the slow painful way.

So I did.. and I died twice. Finally though. With the last moment, and under extreme duress.

Finally, someone who knows what the hell is going on around here.

But first let's talk to Lisa, since we are leaving the town and will never talk to her again.


 Damn it... 

I am sure this will have no bearing at all on anything ever.

Now we can talk to the man in charge around here. I am sure all we have to do is talk to him and we will be clear to take out Deathtoll!

Hey! That's... me. What is this Leo guy psychic?

And then night falls... either that or...

Soulblazer Trivia: The master in Soulblazer is the same as the Main character in Actraiser!

No you!

Always with the voice from above. What, too good to mingle with us holy spirits?

Greenwood? Well that sounds nice and peaceful. What dangerous could live in the woods?


Yay! Pretty!

Next Update:
Cute forest creatures!
More Plants!
And absolutely no people at all.

This is going to be my last update for today, as I am now done with what I call the "tutorial" world. And I say this again. Fuck that boss. And fuck whoever wanted me to do it the hard way.


Now that I am done with the first world I would like to gauge how people are seeing the pacing of it. Do you like how I am doing the updates? Should I use less pictures? More pictures of the levels themselves? Should I just shut my fat trap and play the damn game? Speak up people!


Fralcon posted:

Wait, so does this game share the same world as Illusion of Gaia or characters or lore or what? I thought Terranigma was a sequel to Secret of Mana that only came out in Japan. If so or not, what's that game got to do with Illusion of Gaia as I only played an engrishy Rom.

It is more that there are common themes and small little instances where they acknowledge each other. All three games are about rebuilding worlds after something knocked them down. It is just that there are common themes.