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Part 7

As promised here is the update that I was working on that was supposed to be posted yesterday. Sorry about that.

Just like the last level there is nothing to see right now. The world is pretty much empty and full of grass again.

As requested I am going to go back and be a few more screenshots of the levels, but for now here is the second area of the game.

It is pretty much a swamp area. The land is covered in ruins and sort of a mayan feel to it.

I run around in the swamp for a while and, of course, save some animals. For this update everything I save is an animal of some sort.

I then run into the first of three temples that are in the area. The first one is known as the water temple, which is very much full of water.

And I release a squirrel which made me sad due to what it offers.

A new sword! Which at the time that I got it I was not allowed to use...

So I head back to the slaughter and release method again.

This is another instance where the game is trying to lure you back to the town because you can't go on without something.

In this case it is someone to light your way in the basement of this area, as is shown in the next shot.

You can't tell, but it is supposed to be really dark down there. The only thing this does is keeps your from seeing the enemies, which is lame.

So we haead back to town and talk to some people while we are here. And by people I mean things like tree stumps!

You mean the dog that Leo mentioned made this place? Who would have ever thought?

We then go talk to the mole that told us that he would light our way so we can get back to killing!

YAY! I make people happy! YAY!

Oh, I don't know, because it is DAR... Oh wait, yeah. Fuck.


This is pretty much the only difference. Now I can see things to kill the enemies with.

Normally I would be really happy about this have an emoticon like but I was not too excited since all I would get is a new sword that I was not allowed to use.

Speaking of which, vote for if I can use new swords or not. If not then I am going to switch to the strongest when I play tonight.

So instead I go back to saving animals.

I missed the who I saved here, but it was a deer.

And since I uncovered a teleport square after I left the water shrine I figured I would go ahead and get the sword.


This treasure chest mocks you from when you enter the area, by the way, but you will get to it soon enough, oh yes you will.

So the next shrine that you run into is the fire shrine. It is named such because... there is fire... everywhere.

And, of course, animals to save. You may be thinking "Hey, you are saving a lot more creatures in this level." To which I reply, "You have not seen the half of it yet."

One of the dangers of the fire temple (for now) is the heat panels.

When they are glowing you will get hurt every step you take. You have to step on them when they are not glowing to be safe. ANd by not glowing I mean all the way on. Slightly faded and you are safe.

And more releasing... Of which I am at best halfway through at this point.

Finally I am done with the fire temple and I can head on to the next one!

OH GOD DAMN IT! Who's idea was it to give the rafts sentience?

Fine, I guess we have to go talk to Turbo... who is dead...

Which of course means that I have to... enter someones dream.

Really if you ever come across someone that is asleep it is a good idea to use the rod on them. At the very least you will get a hint of what to do.

But most of the time it is either an item or story element.

You can't tell it, but I am talking to the bird here.

And seriously, the dog thought he could take on the master of all evil. That must have been a short fight.

AGH! A GHOST! Wait... a dream.. so it must be a dream ghost.

Also I hit a switch that opened a path that leads to the cavern his body is kept in. Freaky.

Please! I must know! Who the hell is Tiki? And why would a bird have a name like that?

Oh... You are Tiki

WELP! Time to go a grave robbin'!

Coming up next update:

The light shrine
Ice armor procured!
And animals that do magic tricks!