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by Vallhallan

Part 8

Thank you all for being so patient. And now. First things first.

With the new sword equipped I head out. The rafts are the typical straight platform that just runs to the next dock.

But Luckily it is only four of them until we get to the light dungeon. So far I think this is the coolest dungeon so far. It consists of a series of light beams that you have to slaughter enemies to get past.

And of Course... we release Animals!

And more slaughter!

And saving!

And darkness!

Just a hint for those using emulators and are DAMN DIRTY CHEATING HIPPIES! You can turn off layer 2 and it gets rid of the darkness.

But if you play that way then you suck

More saving:

And that is the last person that we have to save other than the gaurdian!

So we head back to town to take care of some things. Including getting one of the BEST ITEMS IN THE GAME.

This is a magic troupe and your standard medical herb restorer.

He is always the right one. At least that I have seen.

Yay for refill on an item I didn't really need refilled...

8 of these makes it so that magic costs nothing!

Ok Guys, let's wait!

And Wait

OH GOD DAMN IT! Why do women always take so long to do anything?

Yeah, Mole, about six inches tall, owes me a god damn present!

This is, by the way, were the whole "everyone is ghosts" things that we notice in Terranigma started.

And he fucking dissapears too! rush!

I swear, I thought he was just translucent due to bad lighting!

Just in case you are wondering this little baby cuts the damage we take in HALF when we get hit. Makes things a lot easier. Just be careful and keep an eye out for when you are almost dead to switch to a medical herb.

On to the boss fight!

I forgot to get any captures of the first fight, but it is straightforward. Stay near him and slight at a corner to him and just whack away. He dies fast.

Second one I just stood where I am in the shot and attacked. He went down like your mom on prom night!

This one is a little bitch. He does not keep a very good pattern, so you just have to wing it and pray. Of course with our new shield things are easy!

And about three seconds later I am back in town.

Now on to the water level! I really think this is one of the better made levels, and is just plain fun for me!

Next time:
Bubble armor!
Half naked fish-women
A tropical Paradise.