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by Vallhallan

Part 9

Ok, sorry for taking so long, but I have been having issues with my computer wanting to play this. Although I found my controller .

So on to the water world. This is probably one of the longest worlds in the game if I remember right. It has lots and lots of places to go. The basic setup is that there is the ocean floor and four islands. You have to unlock each island and then go to the next one and unlock it. It sounds simple, but it takes a long time to do so.

So of course we show up and there is nothing around!

Except for, that is, a mermaid statue!

Good thing we can talk to... things that have no souls...

Hey, if you think this is weird, just wait till we get to Leo's lab.

Bubble armor! Of course! Just like Sonic the only way to breath forever underwater is to make a bubble around you! What a flawless plan!

So this is island one. It is just a jungle island. Nothing special or gimicky about this one.

And do I need to say it anymore? WE SAVE THINGS! :yay:

This is the first time that you save something that does not automatically save the area it is in.

But when I save her

There we go!

We wander around some more

Find some stuff

And finally

Also many people don't know about this and it forces them to backtrack.

You will need this later.

And that is why.

And our first hint of what we need to do next.


Which is a warning not to think the ice armor will help.

And so we step into the great unknown! Also known as the smallest ocean floor ever!

Next Update:

Freeing some statues
The magma island
And Vallhallan makes a mistake!