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by Vallhallan

Part 10

Ahhhh ze ocean. So full of life. So vibrant.

Man FUCK the ocean!

Obviously the mermaid kingdom extended further, but since the fall of them it is sort of like Greece.

Enemies down here look strangely aquatic. Who would have thought.

Well shit. Now I am stuck.



So now we can go to island number 2! Yay!

ANd here are the other two gates you need. Plus someone I saved at random. She is like one of the only people you save on the floor.

And instead of a beach, this world uses stairs!

I will refrain from the Stairs in your ocean joke.

Welcome to the second island, Rockbird.

Including such scenic sights as:

The dried up water pool!

And that is about it. You only even save three people here.

And we are done with that island! Time to get the spoils of the town.

This is for those of you that missed me telling you this before. HINT: THIS IS IMPORTANT!

And of course, dancer number 2

So we head back to the ocean floor

These guys are rather annoying if you don't know what to expect.

Which is that. An electric bolt shot out of them that is four squares large.

Well this world is done! I saved the person that made it. It has to be jsut that easy, right?

Or not.

And one of the best things about the volcano island?

Randomly kills monsters, and pretty strong to boot!

Then I uhh... DECIDED to head back to town Nope, no death here from walking on the lava....


Can't do anything with this just yet.

Or this...

Right? You know BIG FLYING THINGS huh? You know BIRDS maybe? Eh?

This spell actually charges, and does decent damage if you know how to aim it.

But I don't have any gems cause I am stupid.

So stupid.

Next update:

Volcano island becomes.. rock island?
We rescue Lue!
A new Island... again!