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by Vallhallan

Part 11

My resolve has been tested, and I cam back again to fight the good fight! Let's save these mermaids, damn it!

Metal Gorillas! That means that again I have to come back and kill some things when I get the damn metal killing sword. And when I do I will come back and slaughter every single one of them!

Well, I am done here now. Nothing to save anymore on the Volcano Island!

I forgot to get a screenshot of me stepping on the top of the lava flow with the mermaid tears to clear up the lava. Sorry about that.

The island of rain is actually pretty cool looking. And is also the first part that I tried playing with my controller in. So it was easier to take pictures.

If you say yes then they ask you to release Lue as per the whispered picture in the last update. If you say No, this happens.

So now we go talk to Lue. He should know what is going on, right? I mean he sort of built the damn place.

So basically the stone brings out the worst in people. Interesting. I wonder what else we will find out about these stones as we gather them.

Because remember what Enix says: "Royalty is greedy! Buy more Dragon Quest games!"

Oh Enix, you and your Dragon Quest games.

Now to look at the spoils of war!

Well we are done in town again. Time to head toward our new island!

And rescue more people on the way!

And Finally we arrive.

Anyone that pays attention to the file names for this will notice large jumps in the numbers. That is because my Logitech likes to think when I press the shoulder key I set for screenshot that I mean to take 5 of the same scene.

Now you might think the rain thing would get annoying, but I really liked it. I just wish that it had a sound effect for it. Then again I am weird.

These are the pillars it was talking about earlier. If you touch them lightening falls and kills anything it touches. I will demonstrate later, even though technically they want you to try it out here.

Swim swim fishies!

This is an area where you should choose your battles. I should have hunted down the rock things and killed all of them for a better fighting zone. But I am sort of a barbarian with this game. I smash first and think of strategy later.

Of course here is what I should have hit first

But again, no strategy. Although to show you what it should look like when I kill the bird guys.

There you go.

You know, I should probably just show you guys at the end of an area all the people I saved. It might make this look better.

OH NO! METAL GORILLA! Whatever will I do?

Oh, I know. I will lure him toward this pillar here and...

Metal attracts lighting!

Uh oh! I smell boss fight!

But first time for a treasure run!

Dolphins, huh?

Sleeping person! YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS!


That will come in handy


This is the coral reef. It is supposed to be a maze, I think. But a horrible one at that.

First things first!

This doubles my damage output! I normally keep the shield one on, but damn it if this is not useful in the upcoming boss fight.

Well... there is the ladder to the boss...

But we have treasure to collect!


Oh, well that is useful!

Hey! More magic!

ALRIGHT! That makes 2!

I bet this other one is something really cool then!


Fine, let's do this!

Ghost pirate ship! It is rather nasty because the torches shoot at you and things burst from the floor to attack you.

Finally, I get to face the captain! Mortal combat! Man on man!

Or... man on skull

Or... man on giant skull with two floating skeletal hands!
The basic idea that you should use here is to stand in the lower corner and kill the hands until the head dips down close enough to attack and just strike at him.

Then he retreats. Continue to do this until...

Soon followed by..


Ummmm ok. It is easy to get back with everything slaughtered after all!

Dolphin gets AROUND!

You mean that the stories that were told may not be true? And the stones I am carrying might be the cause of the problems?

Well... no choice but to collect them. The master says it is to be done.

And so we head off to the next area.

OH god.


I hate this level!



Next update:

I hate Ice floors!
I hate teleporting enemies!