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by Vallhallan

Part 12

Well I suppose I should just get to it. I really don't know why I dislike this level so much, but I really really hate it.

So yeah, the stupid dwarves hall. Time to go save some dwarves.

Some of the lumps you see here are actually moving, because they are the first sort of enemy that we meet here.

These guys stay under the snow until near you, then pop out and attack.

There are also these bat guys. They are annoying because they stay where they are until you are really close and shoot at you. Nothing a bit of magic can't take care of though.

Especially with the walk into walls method.

This is a slippery slope. You know, like gay marriage or abortion or something. Only in this case, it really does lead to where they say it will.

And of course there is the obligitory monster that is already on the map and just needs to be killed.

Easy as cake. Hey maybe I was wrong with hating this area so much.

I mean, the enemies are easy to identify...

It is really pretty right here.

And snowing the walk is not that hard.

Plus I uncovered some magic armor! MAN! I love this place!

Wait... caves. Caves are bad news...

I am going to try something new now. Instead of showing the people we save during the area I am going to just do a grouping of them at the end of each area. Area of course being arbitrary for "Whenever I want to."

Oh god. Not ice. Please for the love of all that is holy, dont make me step on the ice!


I hate you all for making me do this.

After much sliding around and me nearly breaking my controller because I HATE sliding puzzles...

Thank fucking god. I hate sliding.

Did I mention I hate sliding?

Well back to town then so that I can talk to all these nice dwarves.

That's right, that means that the year you wasted at college because you wanted to "experience the party life" Was the entire life for one of these guys.

Sure old man, I will talk to you for a while. What would you like to know.


Old man?


Right. So you are senial.

Got ya

Good for her!

Awwww! Young love!

One last save


We come to the end of this update.

Next Update:
Teleporty enemies!
The Lucky Blade!
More old dwarves! (which means they are like 10 months old)