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Part 13

I know I promised this while I was on lunch today but work was kicking my ass so lunch was taken to do productive things, like bitch to my online friends about how stupid customers are.


When we last left our intrepid hero he had just survived the dreaded slippery floor and gotten the mushroom boots.

The cool thing here is that the icicles on the screen move as you do! Take THAT Playstation 3!

And here are the dreaded teleporting guys that were supposed to go into the last update :shh:

Basically you have to wait for them to show up, and stop spinning. Then you just all over them. They are easy, but annoying in groups, which thankfully is rather rare for that to occur. Also thanks to the AI they tend to just teleport into the same spot so you pretty well slaughter them all in one go.

This is a series of interconnected areas that open up as you clear lairs. Eventually it is easy to get to the next area for continued killing. This is also where your rotator comes in handy because the bats here tend to circle you just in the range of that.

If you stand here long enough there is a quick flash of a platform you can walk on. It was too quick for me to get a screenshot of but it shows up:


The only purpose of this is for a treasure chest. Which reveals:

That is a nice ability since we are starting to use more magic in this level. It is not as good per se as the critical sword in some situations, but it will do.

Same thing here. Bridge you can't see.

Which... I mentioned earlier. I tend to kill the bats without it so I did not remember where I got it. It basically just spins around you and drains your gems like a bitch.

12 gems for one rotation. Very expensive when you use it as a shield.

And of course, what would this game be without releasing a lot of people. We are done with this area right now so lets see what we released and go talk to them, shall we?

This bastard won't let you pass if you miss the Luck Blade. Sometimes the game just straight out punishes you if you don't explore everything.

OK, time to see what the townspeople have to say to me!

She teleports you away to:

And then back

Thanks for the warning lady. How about for your next trick you die in a month?

Basically a hint for people that don't know what to do or just run through the areas.

Yeah, that's right. So those two years you spent with the bloodsucking leech that made your life hell? NOTHING! That was two generations to these people ASS!


Again, in case you just ran from enemies like a little bitch.

I am an old rambling man. I don't make sense anymore! Back in my day we had donkies filled with bees and we would occasionally run the....

We will let the old man continue his nonsense and talk to someone who... matters?

Thank you for that insight mushroom hidden by the text box.

You know, this would all have been so much more helpful if I did not already HAVE the damn thing.

So we move past the old man and head to the lake area. Because we all know that there has to be a lake area in games, right?

More teleporting guys. These ones area bit tougher because they shoot three fireballs at you that can really hurt.

The ice comes from the stationary targets that pretty much surround you as long as you were on the screen even a second with them.

The lairs change the landscape more, removing a waterfall here that blocked out way upstairs.

Eventually we come to here, the typical boss entrance. But we are not ready to fight him yet. (Ok, we are, but I am a man that has to do everything before the boss.)

Which in this case is again, saving and meeting people!

The mushroom is sleeping, and when I talked to him is when I realized I still had the dream rod equipped Which means I could have been slaughtering faster.

This opens up and area to get me an exp gem. Those are pretty decent.

Both of the grandmas just say:

So I guess it is time to kill the boss!

Basically he goes to one of three spots and then pops up, shooting a three pronged fireball, then attacks with the spear, switches hands, attacks with the spear, then shoots seeking fireballs. I only ever got hit by the seeking fireballs.

The best bet is to just crab walk in front of him, have him run into the blade, then move to the side when he switches hands. It is a really easy fight.

And only through stupidity did I have to use the medical herb.

Now comes some important information that will give you the best spell in the game.

Now let's see what the king has to say for himself!

Now lets talk to the people in jail.

New sword coming up!

And we get some more story and the next stone!

Well we are done here. Let's head to the teleporter and...


What's this?

A secret passage?

Why it would look like it is!

I... walked through the secret passage?

Looking good for the emblems so far.

Now I know what you are all thinking. OK, time for the end of the update. NO! I have been waiting for this part of the game for too long to stop here! Now is the time that we can finally backtrack and kill the damn metal monsters!

So we run downstairs, avoid some metal monsters and release:

Time to put this sword to good use!

New Magic!

New Emblem!

But the best part.

The part that makes me happy.

I love this damn sword. Kill an enemy, gain some life. I can handle that!

And the other zones, not so important.

Except for..

One down! Two to go!

And now we head back to Leo's lab.

Next update:

Metal Monstrosities
Houseplants, animals, and furniture!
Have I mentioned that I love this level?


Also, Seorin, just for you I listened to the Arcanum music while I did this post.