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by Vallhallan

Part 14

OK, so all that is left for us is to find the last two emblems and clear out the basement area.

Now one of the tricks of finding things in the basement area is that there are some invisible areas.

We will start this update a bit backwards since I showed you the level during the 100%ing of Greenwood.

Let's go back and visit this guard.

He is the most important person to release in the early dungeon stuff. First off he is having a dream. Just like the last time dreams have a lot of exposition into the storyline.

Basically Leo asks to be taken away so that Deathtoll cannot come back, but the soldier pretty much tells him to screw off because he does not want to be killed himself.

Of course now that he knows what will happen he regrets it. Too bad now, buddy. Sucks to be you!

And that is every person in the dungeons. Surprisingly enough we are through the bulk of the level now.

This is a hint to search one of the bodies for the strings that you need.

Also there is an emblem downstairs in the basement. This makes it only one more until you are done.

Of course this is another item that you have to get in order to move on to the next area.

Hmmm maybe there is a way for us to move him in order to get that card...

We have to help him!

And then he started to play. This moves the soldier that was in the way so we can...

Platinum card? Wait isn't that what...

Hooray! Into the tower we go!

This is the last guy that you have to talk to that is a person from the heavens like you.

Yay! This lets you see around the towers. It is a wonderful thing because otherwise you have to just try and wing it.

GO LEO GO! Let's go kick the crap out of the guy that you are responsible for having power in the first place...


If you say no to this you cannot move on. Sadly you have to call her pretty and then you get:

(Strange typo here. I don't know why they decided to have a capital S there.)

This soldier brings the entire castle back which means that you can get the final emblem!

Now that we have all of them we can talk to a deer in Greenwood.

This allows us to use magic at no cost.

And so we head up to the top of the tower to where the Airship is docked.

Yes, let's get out of here and...


This guard takes like five spears to kill. He is as hell.

Because Evil is dirty. Really really dirty.

GOD DAMN IT! I thought I was rid of her!

And with that Leo runs at the queen and her men, blowing them all up.

And with that we head to go fight the boss.

After many Savestates I survive and finally beat the crap out of him, luckily having a medical herb to save me at the last moment.

And I think that is long enough for this update.

Next time:
And now you know the rest of the story
Preparing to fight the ultimate evil
And I discuss a potential idea.