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by Vallhallan

Part 15

OK folks, time to finish this game! That's right, I am finishing this here, and now! Mainly because I have a surprise for people that I want to get to when I am done with it.

When we last left off...

Yeah, I died. A couple of times. I know about how to beat the boss, but damn it if he did not kick my ass a couple of times.

So now we head back to the king to get the last stone so that we can fight Deathtoll!

Yeah, I totally stayed with you and did not just go off to fight the evil creature and all that.

And... are responsible for bringing back the person he died to kill.

OF COURSE I AM A HOOMAN! I am a perfectly normal human worm baby. You have nothing, absolutely nothing to fear from me. Just pay no attention to me and we'll get along just fine.

What? What do you love? Is it bacon? Cause I know I loves me some bacon. Sweet crispy bacon!


So basically it boils down to "Whoops, mah bad, dawg. Go kill the guy for me! Plz? K thnx la~

No really, you NEED the phoenix. I mean I won't even let you fight him until you have it.

And so I fight in space. The main purpose of this entire area is to get...

and the last part of the phoenix treasure.

Now that we have those (and can't go anywhere after getting them Linearity!))

This is it! The final battle!

Please don't die and waste our efforts!

Always one to fulfill the requests of my fans I spend some time holding two turbo buttons and leveling like a mofo thanks to ZSNES.

This is it boys and girls, the last boss. The be all end all. The hardest fight in the game!

Oh god, I am scared. This will be so hard...


Wait... he didn't even HIT me? What the hell? Why is that scary?

Oh... that is a bit worse I guess.

Except here is a small hint. You can pretty much stand in one place through most of this and just attack with the phoenix. You have to occasionally move to avoid the lasers, but the fight is overall REALLY easy.

Sad really.

You know, I am not sure if that is your spirits talking or the phoenix, since it switches from we to I a lot.

I liked this last shot cause I made it look like the phoenix is flying out to stop things.

I am a great screenshot taker

Yes, I saved all 170 plants animals people and inanimate objects with souls in this world. And yes I did go back and count.

Nah, I will just go see about seven of them. That is like seeing them all, right?

I am a busy man so let me get right to it. I have 170 gold and I am damn well rich now!

And if he kills them and eats their skin he is crazy. WEIRD HUH? Anyway.... where was I going with this? Oh right!

Mostly the eating skin part.


I missed part of this due to auto scroll but it says:
"I am going to use...

And what a a mighty town that will be!

Speaking of which I have like 500 bucks. I am going to totally go build a city with it.

Yay! We have half a wall! WHAT A GENEROUS KING!

Except for no shelter, or food. I mean it is going to be a sucky ass city.

By statues he means Lego guys. Ok, I will stop ripping on the amount. But seriously, one gold per person, he was totally out played on that one.

No, he passed away from a hug explosion VV

That's right, so for all of you using your tools as masturbatory aides? You need to stop that right now. You got that?

Damn, I lost that bet. Here is your five bucks, Nome..

YEAH! That means those three years you spen... Ok, I am done with that joke, really.

And sometimes I find myself eating a gallon of ice cream and hating men. I wonder if they have anything to do with each other?

Not for long

But... I have not said anything... at all


God, could this get any closer to him trying to make you a furry? "Hey Keaton, why dont you put on this tail and fin thing and get naked?"

Let's get out of there.

At least one of you can just say goodbye and leave.

Hehehe Oh yeah!

Wait, no, time to delve into her dreams, because Keaton just cannot leave it alone!

I guess staying awake was too hard for you then?


Oh god damn it. This is even worse then the forced choice. There IS no choice.


Oh, well I guess she is hot... in like a German Leiderhosen way...

Well that is the end of the game guys. Just credits after here which I don't think need screenshots.

Thank you all for reading my Let's Play thread an-

OH NO! Kirby Phoenix Wright! What do you mean there is more after the credits?

I dunno... stuff

Well... I groped her boob when I was putting the rod on her head...

and I don't mean the dream rod!

That you have become

A year? Man... I was hoping to get a piece of one of those dwarf girls I met when she grew up...

But Humans are smelly and filled with goo!

For not that long?

So you are going to get me high and drop me off on Earth? OK!

Sorry, that was me. All this grass is giving me wicked gas...

Who? What? I... what?

Ummm I.... yes?

Ok, so you are some guys daughter... that helps... I think...


Finally. God. Makes me want to strangle you.

OH? Like what?

OH GOD! What the hell kind of a creature is that? STAND BACK! I WILL STRANGLE IT!

That must be one fucked up looking dog...

And then Lisa gets hit by a truck on her daily bike ride through Berlin.

Ok, now that is the real end of this.

Seriously, thank you all for reading what I have done and bearing with my bad screenshots. I thank you all for your discussion and praise of this thread and now I will reveal the big secret.

I am going to be playing this game again! That is right Screenshot LP is Evolving! Screenshot LP has become Video LP!

That means I am going to need some commentators. Just a note, I will be using Game Genie to have infinite health, because I just got done playing this game and have found talking + game = retarded for me. So anyone that wants to join me for commentary you just need the standard Video LP stuff, and just send me a message at Vallhallanhb through AIM and I will hook you up with trying to do some commentary.