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Original Thread: Spec Ops: The Line



Welcome to Let's Play Spec Ops: The Line!

Wikipedia posted:

The game follows Captain Martin Walker as he is sent into a post-catastrophe Dubai with an elite Delta Force team to hunt for a decorated officer named Colonel Konrad, and evacuate any survivors. While lead writer Walt Williams has stated that there are many influences, the premise is inspired by Joseph Conrad's novella Heart of Darkness. Multiple critics have observed similarities to Apocalypse Now, a Vietnam War era adaptation of Heart of Darkness, in the game's feel and expression of inglorious war.
That's the short version.

How is this gonna work?
When the game calls on me to make a choice, I'll open it up for voting here in the thread. I won't be showing off any alternate takes, since one of this game's themes is accepting the consequences of your actions. No do-overs here!

How often are you updating?
I'm gonna go for an update every 3-4 days. I have a twitter account, @OatmealRaisinSA, that I use for talkin' about my videos and video games in general.

What about spoilers?
Spec Ops: The Line's gameplay is pretty okay, but the real selling point of the game is its story and the way it unfolds. Because of this, I don't want any spoilers in this thread. Between voting and the game content, I expect there'll be plenty to talk about between updates. Talking about the multiplayer is okay, no one cares. Not even the developers!


Youtube is 720p, Blip is SD.


I put on a livestream of my attempt to finish the game on FUBAR difficulty in one go. Here's the playlist of that stream!

Agent Interrobang did a short writeup on Dubai

Kaboom Dragoon wrote out a series of effortposts analyzing the game and its themes. They're all fantastic reads, but obviously contain a ton of spoilers. For best results, don't read the below posts until you've watched the related video.
Fanart by Zeikier! (Click after watching Chapter 13)
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