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Part 3: Stage 3

Coming from the last level, which had by far the most screenshots we'll be seeing in a single stage, it's a relief that this one has the fewest. The branching paths from previous levels have no impact on how this one plays out, there's no alternate ending for running out of time here, and there aren't even any altered images or spelling corrections. The only thing we didn't get to see in the video was the final mid-level cutscene, so let's run through the full set of those before checking it out.

During first room transition:

At < 4 minutes:


Actually, there is one typo correction:

Xbox 360

At < 2 minutes:

At < 0 minutes:

And that chilling portent of doom is all we haven't seen for this stage. However, there was a special version of Stage X for the previous stage, and with it was an alternate ending with a few unique screens which we can take a look at now without spoiling anything. It begins thusly and contains my favorite typo in the game, which wasn't corrected in the Xbox version:

Then it reveals the story elements from this stage's ending, which we would have missed since this ending skips this stage:

Finally, it ends with a few slightly different images of Rick stating his intent:

There you have it, everything of particular interest in Stage 3. Seems they overexerted themselves in the early game and are taking a more utilitarian approach now. We'll see if this trend continues as we move on to the basement.