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Original Thread: This house has three DEADrooms and a full BLOODbath: SPLATTERHOUSE [VLP]



If you've been a gamer for any decent length of time, you're familiar with the word "Splatterhouse." It may rattle around in the back of your mind like a seductive voice whispering your greatest fears and desires, or perhaps it incites gleeful memories of the first time you ever inflicted gratuitous violence with your own hand, or maybe you've just heard it in the context of "Splatterhouse was never particularly good" (a quote from Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw that echoes a common sentiment). Regardless of your personal experience, Namco's classic Splatterhouse franchise is well-known and mostly-beloved for its pioneering role in making video games synonymous with violence.

SPLATTERHOUSE (all caps according to the Xbox 360 dashboard) is a modern attempt to bring the magic of the venerable series into the new millennium. While it's nigh-impossible to attain notoriety through violence anymore, this most recent offering was still able to achieve a certain level of infamy, albeit for different reasons: An incredibly long development cycle featuring at least one semi-official cancellation announcement, a lack of unique or particularly well-done gameplay, and crippling technical issues. For all the fanfare and excitement generated by the revival of the series, it seemed it was to ultimately become a wasted effort that would most likely bring a permanent end to the franchise.

SPLATTERHOUSE was the first game of the series I ever played, and I think it's excellent. After spending decades intrigued by yet fearful of its hallowed name (even while I ripped out spines in Mortal Kombat, sliced and diced in Nightmare Creatures, and shattered craniums in Manhunt), I was finally driven to check out this latest incarnation, and like the small faction of fellow proponents who convinced me to play it in the first place, I was won over. There's no shortage of flaws which I'll be getting into as we see them, and even at their best, Splatterhouse games have never wanted to be loved by all, but there's absolutely an experience worth having buried in there, which I'll be sharing fully with anyone hungry for morbid amusement and thirsty for blood.

Virtually all of these videos will be due to vulgarity, profanity, violence, and nudity, which will be toned down to YouTube standards, but still, watch at your own risk.

And without further ado... Let's do some fucking interior decorating!

ULTIMATE PLAYLIST - Every classic, remake, and bonus video of the LP in the order they were originally posted.

PHASES (Playlist)

Journal 1-5
Journal 6-10
Journal 11-15
Journal 16-20
Photo Album Uncensored Dailymotion mirror

Arena 1: West Mansion Lobby with Kaboom Dragoon
Arena 2: Slaughterhouse with SamuraiFoochs
Arena 3: West Observation Room with Ruebinok
Arena 4: The Death Coaster with Derek Barona
Arena 5: Shadow of the Wickerman with Scruffy
Arena 6: West Manor Chapel with Major_JF
Arena 7: Lost Islands with Kaboom Dragoon
Arena 8: Heart of the Mansion with Derek Barona
Arena 9: Hall of Mirrors with SamuraiFoochs
Arena 10: The Killing Floor with Kaboom Dragoon

Playlist of arena songs
Playlist of licensed songs in SPLATTERHOUSE

CLASSICS (Playlist)
SPLATTERHOUSE is absolutely reverent of the original series it's based on and demands familiarity with these classics for the full experience. As such, I'm also doing Let's Plays of Arcade Splatterhouse, Splatterhouse: Wanpaku Graffiti for the Famicom, and Splatterhouse 2 & 3 for the Sega Genesis. From the final video of Arcade Splatterhouse on, Kaboom Dragoon joins me for co-commentary, and Splatterhouse 3 videos are accompanied by screenshots of missed and alternate cutscenes which can be viewed by clicking the Terror Mask icon next to each video link.

DecayDJK started an LP of the TurboGrafx-16 Splatterhouse in the 2007/Casual-style LP thread and was nice enough to share it here as well by my request. Thanks Decay!

Episode 1: Stages 1 & 2
Episode 2: Stages 3 & 4

Reference Roundup - Highly informative posts by horror adorer Choco1980 well worth reading after watching their associated video:
Remake Phase 2 - First Phase Findings (with alley-oop by Aces High)
Remake Phase 4 - Neat Facts RE: The Meat Factory
West Mansion Lobby Arena - Arena Redeemer

Wanpaku Graffiti Missed Information from Kaboom Dragoon, Choco1980, SoylentG, Seyser Koze (twice), roastpork, and Drakli (we missed a lot)

PalletteSwappedNinja brings to our attention the impressive Splatterhouse: Remastered project, which hopes to restore much of the remake's cut content. More information on the project is available here.

"Grandma face" 2.0 from IrvingWashington

Renon Vesir blames this fanart on me. What an honor!

More from Renon Vesir

Suspicious Cook lets Dr. West sum up the game's ending
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