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Part 10: Arena Redeemer

I saw that show when they ran through Detroit too. Great sets.

The only reference that seems at ALL possible for "Dead on the Rise" I could find (thanks for totally calling me out on it, ya jerks) is that the line appears in the song "Apocalypse Now" by The Transplants, but I find that unlikely. It's probably just a zombie type thing. Jason Schmason can't possibly be relating to anything, could it? And shame on you for not picking up the Too much Horror Business reference. And I'm going to guess that we can all figure out the "creepy show" one too.

In case Caitlin doesn't come back or see your request, Here's her world record video she posted after I asked her about it in the Post Your Picture thread over in PYF. I hope I'm not stealing your thunder by posting that Caitlin!

Regarding Stuart Gordon and Brian Yuzna, they haven't made that many films together actually. By my count, they worked together on the first Re-Animator, From Beyond, Dolls, Honey, I shrunk the Kids! (They co-wrote that!) The first Dentist movie, and Dagon, and those 6 are it. IIRC they've been trying for years to get a fourth Re-Animator movie off the ground, House of the Re-Animator which supposedly was going to have the President (played by William H. Macy! ) die and the government covertly hires Drs West and Cain to bring him back. You can assume the chaos this would bring. Also, I have shame as I've only seen about half of each of their filmographies. I even have Stuck sitting on my shelf in blu-ray form and have yet to watch it.