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Part 9: Neat Facts RE: The Meat Factory

You'll have to excuse me if I miss much, I watched this vid on my phone today.

You were right to call it a "Boomstick"...note the familiar dress of the dead man that was carrying it...

Also, chainsaw vs. chainsaw may be nothing, or, there's two horror movies I can think of that feature such a duel: First and more obvious is Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, but lesser known is the film Motel Hell, wherein the "bad guy" (it's not a black and white situation, but he IS turning his guests into dried meats to sell to tourists) wears a big cut off pig head as a psuedo-mask. Remember, it takes all kinds of critters to make Farmer Vincent's Fritters!

Again, grasping at straws here, but there was a horror movie made in the 70's known as "The Microwave Massacre"...Don't seek it out, it's dreadful. And for some reason contains a walk-in microwave to justify how the killer can use it on people.

The chairs look really familiar to me too, but I can't place them. Maybe something out of Giger's artwork? He does tend to have an anal fixation...

It's funny, watching this LP and the one for the PS2 Hellboy game, it strikes me how the two have the same exact downfalls of being horror games that are incredibly well written, drawn, and acted, with very intriguing stories, but end up being overly-tedious beat-em-ups that wear out their welcome far too soon.