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Part 1: Chapter I. Meeting Friends

Chapter I. Meeting Friends

My friend Brett and I just got to the lodge. (Posting via cell phone - it was hard to find with this giant item-hoarding purse.) I also have a bracelet that Sean had given to me, a makeup kit, a spare pair of sneakers, a Golden Line Notebook (Brett insisted I keep one with me), and baby pictures of Sean.

Frankly, I'm so thrown off by the fact that Sean is here somewhere, that I don't even know what to say to Brett.

Teasing Brett was always good for a laugh.

You want to rock my mountains, don't you?

He's so cute the way he just changes the subject when he's embarassed... wait, best friend? Did he mean me? I mean we grew up together, but...

gwar3k1 posted:

I hear good things about the first thread but it moved too quickly for me to attempt to read it, so I'll try my damnedest to keep up with this one.

I'm keeping a compiled version of it this time. Just edited the OP.

Does being your best friend mean I get to get it on with all your friends?

We considered the proposition for a moment. I'm not sure I like where this conversation is heading.

(Kiki is kind of a loose girl.)

Or we could just cut out the middle man...

Aw. Brett's folding under the pressure! He's so funny, that guy!

It's weird that you and I have never hooked up.

I love you so much I just want to punch you in your face!
Um- I... I don't know!

Fine. I guess I'll just have to take my aggression out by slamming my head against a wall.

But, I don't think I hit him that hard.

So I pulled back my fist.

And hit him again.

Was he actually crying?

God, you're such a woman!

Unfortunately, Brett knew my one weakness...

Awkwardly interjecting backstory! Crap. Now I didn't feel like punching him.

Jeez... you guys really want to help me get over my pent-up aggression after Sean! Wow.

If I ever see him again, I'm gonna cut his legs off!

Just then, Erica showed up. She's my nerdy friend from awhile back. I loved the girl, even if she was a little crazy.

And then she left just as soon as she'd arrived!

Oh, Brett.

Can I punch you?

I think she's scared of your manly life jacket.

Well, I did always hate Brett's lucky parka. I mean, then again, we were both the type of "lucky" wardrobe choices. Did I want him to keep wearing it?


Not really.

Poor, silly Brett. And then-

Kiki walked up! This made me happy!

And Brett ran off!

That was Kiki, my friend who hooked up with any guy, anywhere. I liked her perfectly horizontal highlights, though. How the hell did she get her hair like that?

I think I can guess the winning option here.

Hey, you guys are right! Why didn't we make out anymore?

Kiki, how come we don't make out anymore?

She looked a little freaked out... maybe because I absolutely refused to stop smiling happily.

By the way, I used to make out with your brother, too.

And the best part?

Kiki was so stupid she couldn't even remember members of her own family! Really, who does that?

No, really. I know it's a bad joke, but who is actually capable of that?

You don't remember, do you?

(Meaning when we used to make out.)

Ah, enough screwing with Kiki!

I'm totally messing with you.

I was such a kidder!

...Honestly, I'm not sure I'm ready to date, since the Sean thing.

Are you talking about a threesome?

Note: Of the two, Becky is more apt to go on her own and say something than Brett is. The player is not given the option to respond: "Damn."

And then Kiki hit me with my weakness again: Backstory!

I didn't know what to say.


I knew just what to say.

Ha! Ho-Bird Mountain! That one was so good, I wrote it in my Golden Line Notebook! Hey, maybe Brett did know what he was talking about!

Yeah, I know. Kiki is a little boy crazy (and normal crazy), but what can I say? She's my girl.

Wait, my modeling career! The one I didn't have! Guys are always telling me I could be a model! I couldn't help but grin!

There was no better place to advance my career than vacation! Besides, I didn't even have any money with me, so I'd have to get a job doing something.

And now, to bid my friend farewell.

Get outta here, Kiki!

With that, Kiki left and Erica returned.


Me too.


Remember that time you peed yourself?

...Why was I friends with Erica again?

That's okay. It happens to everyone.

Poor, sweet Erica.

Wait, whoa whoa! I just got dumped by my boyfriend for a coworker! Why do I have to walk on eggshells around people? That was the whole reason I wanted to go on this trip!

Enemies? When did Erica decide it was okay to give me social advice?! She urinates herself in public! Homeless people can freakin' keep that under control!

Wow, that's strange. You're actually shutting up enough for me to to get a word in!

... Well, it was true!

Uh... alright. Weren't nerds supposed to be smart?

Thanks for your advice, Erica.

(Anything to shut you the hell up.)


Don't worry. We'll find someone for you.


By the time we leave this mountain I promise you will have gone on at least one date.

Okay, I really need your help deciding on this one, Internet.

Bwahahaha! 'Best Friend Forever!' That's the lamest thing I've ever heard!

Aw... I couldn't say that to Erica. She might give me a present if I play along.

Thank you, and you're my... BFF.


Thanks, Erica!

Jesus. Brett never did have the best poker face.

I was happy to receive it! Apparently! Seemed pretty worn out, though.

Watch what I say?

And then, Brett sent me this Photoshop.

And so my vacation began!