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Part 2: Chapter II. Big Decisions

Chapter II. Big Decisions

You will never believe what happened! Kiki and I were out on the nature trail, talking about oil wrestling and shoes, when...

...pretty slick.

And believe it or not, Becky has a gameplay element that Brett doesn't: branching! It's harder to beceome a model than a waitress, but depending on which job you take, two stages will be completely different. This means that in a single Sprung playthrough, you'll miss stuff!

Well, unfortunately for me, YOU won't, because I'm planning to do both branches.

I heard someone behind me, but didn't see anything.

But then...

Whoa! Snuck up on me!

I'm Becky!

He introduced himself as Elliot.

How come you guys keep telling me to mace him? I can't just go around macing everyone I meet!

But I could BFF him!


Hey there, cutie.

Score one for feminine wiles!

I couldn't do that! I'd lose out on the modeling gig! It might go like:

The sky, you tool!

(Didn't Kiki say she'd call after? Why would she still be there?)

Not Game Over, but we're going for the model ending here.

Do you always look this good first thing in the morning?

Well... his face was a little scary...

I don't know if sleeping with him is the best idea.

So, what did you have in mind?

I was clearly put-off by his forwardness...

And if I went to meet him in his room...

Wait... what back exit? We were outside. Wow, I was bad at imagining stuff.

No... I couldn't do that. And if I'd snuck away, that means no modeling contract for me. Hmmm...

I decided to change subjects (Read: Start Over) and play it cool.

Hey, how's it going?

Skyelan posted:

My heart says 'Mace him', but my brain butts in and picks Terrific.

Guys, I don't know if I should mace him! (Especially because technically, that Gillian Seed guy already did.)

Well... okay... I'll give it a shot...

Wow. That was exhilirating!


Yikes! What a scumbag. Still, his problems made me happy.

kissekatt posted:

Underwear ("under where?" ) will just lead you to the sex game over

You're probably right. It would probably just lead back to:


How's your day been?

This makes me happy, too!

Why are most blonde jokes two liners?

So brunettes can remember them!


Well, not exactly 'professional'...

'Amateur?' What kind of modeling shoot was this?!

Who's 'We?'

"The Slopes?" That was an odd name.

That sounds interesting.


Uh oh...

I've worked the occasional gig.

"Perfect..." is what he said to me. My heart was beating like a jackrabbit! A cold jackrabbit... God, maybe I should have brought a sweater or something.

My cheeks were starting to hurt!

I bet I'd get the same reaction no matter what I said... I knew Elliott's kind all too well.


Hmmm... well, I didn't want him mentioning his hotel room or anything, but... I also didn't want him to tell me to stop wasting my time...

I do!

Oh so bad, baby!

I've wanted to be a model ever since I was three years old!

Yeah! Another Golden Line! How you like it? He laughed, while I looked mad.

Then I laughed, while he looked interested.

Gasp! He was so forward! But I wasn't one to played like that.

Nibble posted:

How... what... why is this a Golden Line? It's not absurd, or funny, or... anything

Get used to that.

Guys, look. Elliot's a really nice guy. The only thing is that if I went nuts and reported harassment, he'd just give up and lose the modeling job!

I don't think that's such a good idea.

He seemed angry! There were a litany of responses, but...

I'd hate to ruin our work relationship.

Seemed like the best one. The best way to deal with sexual harassment was to sort of play along and lead people on, of course! Duh!

The one we might have.

"Oh?" he said in response.

I have to be professional.

I didn't want to put any of the burden, on HIM, after all.

Damn right I did! And having a point made me happy! Again!

I swear to God, this has been her facial expression for the past two stages. I can't make her stop!

Perhaps someday it could work out.

And then he decided to relent...

TWENTY BUCKS A DAY?! Bullshit. Becky Skye does not model for $20 a day!

Perhaps we can negotiate that!

His anger brought me cheer!

Any other choices, I'm sure, would be met with a simple "No." But thanks to my negotiation skills, instead of fucking this guy, I'd get $50 a day, a free lift ticket and a bus pass! Where the bus would take me, or why I suddenly needed to do this... who cared?!

Ha! Take that, jerk!

I knew free copies of the magazine or photos were out of the question.

Alright, that's all.

Maybe so, but for once in my life, I was a professional model. I needed all the help I could get, and Elliot was more than willing to give it to me.

A hair brush! Lord knows I needed that!

Hope he wasn't trying to give me a clue...

And with that, I had a new modeling job! Still though, some supplemental waitress work wasn't such a bad idea...

And just to interrupt my walk home with my jerrycan o' gas, Brett sent me another Photoshop.