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Part 3: Chapter III. Dickbag X

Chapter III. Dickbag X

My happiness from getting a modeling contract was short lived, because it turned out someone was trying to weasel his way back into my life.

"Look, Becky," Brett said. "He's a Dickbag, and your ex. Call him Dickbag X!" Brett seemed to call every guy he didn't like "Dickbag." I think he really liked the word.

Anyway, I was out on the nature trail when...

Wow. It was so nice of a complete stranger to come by and tell me that! Are all people in Colorado like this?

Oh. She was just a gossipy bitch.

... Who thought my nails looked like shit. Well, whatever. I had more important fish to fry.

I wanted to let him have it! But I didn't want to spaz out... wait, the guy flew out from New York to see me. Why the hell couldn't I freak out? That's like stalker shit!

And with that, I went to the boutique where I heard that he was, to see for myself.

I froze up. I wasn't really sure what to say! And I definitely couldn't use items!

Kill me now.


I was begging for death to spare me from embarrassment.

Sea- er, DB-X was a little dense, to say the least.

He was?

I could have followed this up with "Look...", but you guys are right. I need to assert!

You're my problem!

You're slime! Slime! SLIME!!!!!!

This was it...

How should I let him have it?

Guys, I can't mace him! ...Wait, maybe I can.

I wonder what the end result would be...

Not only can Becky mace people without it being Game Over immediately afterwards, but unlike Brett, there are no characters in the game she cannot mace.

Edit: I'm also a fan of how happy she looks when she does it.

You know what guys? I don't know...

Haha, you look ridiculous!

Would probably be met with "Not as ridiculous as you'll look in a prison jumpsuit!"

Let me try...

I'm sorry. It was an accident.

So I sprayed him in the eyes again.

...Nah, that couldn't work out well for me.


God, take it like a man!

But he'd run away before I could do it again. And I'd still go to jail.

I had to handle this smarter.

With gasoline.

Damn right, fucker!

I think you need a fill-up.

No... that wouldn't work. I'd have to try a different tack...

Sean, I love you. Please take me back.

No way!

Sean, I hate you. Get out of my life.

Shit! I WAS still wearing the bracelet!

Crap... I needed to show him I was angrier, somehow.

Enough was enough. I have had it with Sean!

I threw the bracelet right in his dumb face! Kiki would have been so proud of me!

He even started to cry!

What a baby!

I was so happy that I told Brett all about it and he made me one of his Photoshops!

I'm now officially a free woman! Here's to being single!

edit: Oh yeah! On my way out, I yelled out "Eat yellow snow and die!" It was gold!

The conversation to get to that Golden Line isn't very far off from what we did.