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Part 4: Chapter IV. Detective Becky Skye, I Presume?

Chapter IV. Detective Becky Skye, I Presume?

I needed to let off some steam, so I decided to go grab a chocolate martini at a club here - it was called Sanctuary. Guess who I ran into.

Should I tell him about DB-X or just forget about it?

I ran into Sean...

He saw Sean and didn't warn me?!

kissekatt posted:

And what does every knight carry? A mace!

Not every knight.

He was such... a jerk.

Ha! I loved Brett's goofy expressions!

Right. Bring on the boys.


"Huh. So, slowbeef, I guess in Becky's half, Brett doesn't have a thing for her?"

No, he does.

"Then... why is he setting her up on a blind date?"


"I said, why is-"

I heard you.


"So, then why- wait, where are you going?"

A blind date? Sounds like fun!

Wait... now I'm having second thoughts. What if the guy's a total creep? I have to find out who it is.

But how?

Alright, so I walked over to Brett.

Ha! No wonder I was friends with Brett! He was always telling jokes from Budweiser ads from years ago!

Sprung came out in 2004, which means that joke was really old, then.

There was only one thing to say.

You tell me, buuudddy.

Why? Because it was a Golden Line!

What to do here?

Maybe I should mace him!

Incidentally, you don't get arrested for this - it's just Game Over.


I'd lose the gas, but...

Brett would be covered in gas!

Haha! Get it, Brett? Gas?

I guess not. Alright, enough silliness. What should I say?

Sounds fun. Mind if I join you?

Oh, Brett!

That's fine, I'll just go over to the lounge... all by myself.

Brett could be a dick sometimes! Who should I talk to now? Leanne or the dark stranger?

Sorry, I needed a weekend to recuperate.

I approached the tall, dark and handsome stranger.

Hi cutie.

Oh it was Lucas, Brett's friend! I'd heard of him, but somehow never met him.



I'd better not. This guy seems like he has a jealous girlfriend.

So, forget the blind date. I want you to give me anal.

So I kissed him, but...

Yeah... no. That would be bad. Unfortunately, he'd probably say:

Sorry, but I'm not a gossip.

If I asked about the blind date. Leanne probably knows.

You can glitch Sprung here. Talking to Lucas and asking about the blind date gives you the option to talk to Brett again.

You can use this to get infinite hot sauce. Of course new items just overwrite your old ones, so...

I'm Becky - we haven't met.

Buy you a drink?

This... this seemed familiar somehow...

A mint julep?
Thanks darlin'!
I hear you know all the gossip on the mountain...

Ah! No wonder Brett called her Thailand... she was ugly sometimes! You know, like Thailand!

It was time to talk to Lucas. And I knew just how to get information from him.

Crap. Now I gotta figure out what to do...

With that... there was one thing to do.

Douse him with gasoline!


What a jerk!

And there's not even a mall in jail! I'm such a girl!

Anyway, after he forgot to call the cops, so I walked over to Thailand. I do like that name for her better.

Well, I guess she didn't like pepper spray, either. I decided to smooth things over with gasoline.

She was so right. Anyway, I gave her the hot sauce.

But what did she want it for?

Technically, I STILL didn't know what was going on. But hey, whatever. I had a blind date to discover.

Do you know any of Brett's guy friends?



And... quite frankly, kind of an ugly shirt.

And with that, I walked over to Lucas again and gave him the sweatshirt.

Hmmmm... should I blackmail him or play it nice?

Why shouldn't I tell her?

Stupid Brett! He didn't even tell me where this date was supposed to be!

And then Lucas gave me his phone number. Hey, not too shabby!

Well, no, you just did-

I could ask him further questions, but...

No can do! I'm sworn to secrecy!

And while I could blackmail him, I guess that was all I needed, info wise.

Just then, Brett came up.

And then! He gave me a rose! What did he mean by this-

Oh. It was just so this "Danny" - who I've somehow never, ever seen - could spot me.

So Brett made me a Photoshop.