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Part 5: Bonus 1. Gossip Mongering

Bonus 1. Gossip Mongering

I was hanging out with the girls - Erica, Kiki, and Leanne, I mean - when...

Oooh! A gift-certificate! And if there's one thing I enjoyed doing, it was SHOPPING!

But who would have good gossip...?

Sprung is completely out of ideas in this scene.

I walked over to Alex.

What to say?

That's a nice earring.


Where is it going?

Wait - what did walking past the nature trail have to do with-

Awesome! Now I had some gossip for Thailand! But maybe not enough. I walked over to Erica...

Erica? A date? What the-?

You have a date tonight?

I wonder if she meant literally a fox made of stone. I wouldn't put it past her.

...The.. the what? There's a Manhunter joke here, but I can't delay an update to find it.


Customers are always coming in and out of here. Heard any dirt?

Elliot?! What a freak! Also, Brett mentioned a girl he called Hippie. I wonder if I'll meet her at any point...

And so I walked over to Kiki.

Do I!


dshban posted:


Do you guys really get it though?

Hehe - well this "Danny" might very well be...

Oh, Kiki, you and your...

...fourth-wall breaking... references... uh, okay!



Well, out with it!

Awesome! This was trivia that maybe three - or dare I dream four - people in the whole world would like!

And with that, it was time to go to Thailand.

God, what a hick. Why was I trying to entertain her again? Oh, right! Gift card!

Guess what I heard!




What the-? It appears the gossiper got something ironic to happen! I guess. I don't know. Even I was fucking bored with this.

And with that she gave me a Gift Card, and that was the end of that chapter.

Coming up... I meet the infamous Danny!