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Part 6: Chapter V. Escape Sequence

Chapter V. Escape Sequence

I could fucking murder Brett right now.

I'm sitting in the Tap Room, right, with this stupid rose on my table, scanning all the guys that come in. And then I see this jackass in a green jacket and a ski cap wander in.

"Oh please," I thought. "Don't let it be Danny."

Yep. He came right over.

But on the other hand, his hat was hideous.

How do I handle this?!

Wow, that Diseased Crab guy sounds smart!

Yes. You must be Danny.

Whoa! Should I continue with DC's plan or...?

I hope you know what you're doing!

How nice of you. Thanks.

Way to be subtle, Alex.

Well, I don't smoke (cigarettes), but...


Well, since I'm on vacation and have presumably never eaten here, much less become intimate with the menu... yes!

The raw oysters.

Hmmm... I never heard this one. Should I play along? Or look visibly disgusted?

Desumaytah posted:

I honestly want to know how this joke ends.

No, you don't.



Hey Danny, I've got one!
What's that?
Knock knock.

I liked mine better.

Mr. Lobe posted:

I assume you're going to show us the requisite gasoline and pepperspray?

After that, try the BFF thing.

That was pepperspray! I think Danny recovered. It's Game Over, but no jail.

Well, I can show him gas...

Or the BFF Necklace...

No dice.

Haha! (To his joke.)
I think I'm gonna be sick.

I think I'm going to be sick.

Maybe there's a backup plan...

With that, I started to walk to the bathroom, but sat an empty table nearby to plan my next move.

I'll call someone, but I do have to wonder... what if I ran?

Oh my God!

I'd better call Brett or Kiki! But which one...?

edit: Oh yeah, and:

I called up Brett.

How's it going?! I'll tell him how it's going!

You can't be serious.

What? WHAT?

How could you pawn me off on this loser? I thought we were friends!

Oh yeah?

Da- Ga- ...

Brett sold me out for a fucking... MAGIC BANDANNA?! Have my ears gone stupid?! I was so mad, I can't even believe what I said next.

And with that, I walked off and sat back at the table. 'Calm yourself down, Rebecca,' I thought. 'There's a magic bandanna on the line here.'

Yeah, just keep rubbing it in, Alex.

I'll have...

And while I probably should say:

Nothing. I'm leaving.

It would just lead to...

Alex crying, a glass breaking, and me losing out on that magic bandanna.

No... I had to order that food.

The artichoke tortellini with asparagus.

Well, I'm trying to get one magic bandanna richer...


Maybe he wasn't so bad after all...

I think saying you want to leave is Game Over... but I'm not 100% here.


Wait... that was all I could think to say? I mean...

I... I couldn't kiss him...

And I couldn't leave.

I had to think this through. Maybe there was a way I could sneak out of the bathroom without freezing to death. And maybe there's a way to talk myself out of here.

I fucked up earlier. You can sneak out the bathroom window and actually win the scenario. You can also stay here and talk your way out of it. If you want the latter, I'll put us at an earlier point in the conversation and make the right choice.

edit: Actually, I got an idea...

MononcQc posted:

Or wear that sweatshirt Thailand gave her.

I gave that back to Lucas! I decided to try and talk my way out of it first, and THEN if that didn't work for some reason, to sneak out. Things don't work out well for Danny, either way, so by doing BOTH possibilities, we can maximize whatever torture we can give him.

So I changed the subject and asked him what he wanted to know about me.


The truth? I like tearing down the side of a mountain.

That was an odd reaction...

Really? (Skeptically)

Honesty makes me happy! (Except when it's my own.)

I could have said it sexily, but... that'd get me nowhere.




Jesus, I could only think of one sentence at a time, apparently!

Don't be. I'm having a lovely time.

Just then, the food arrived.

Bon appetit!

Oh my God! If only I had that Heimlech brochure Brett totes around!!! What do I do?!

So I pointed and laughed!

No, that wouldn't work... I attempted the Heimlich.

But then, I didn't want to continue, because he could fall in love with me.

So I called for help!

And fortunately, Alex saved him. But he still wanted to continue dinner! At that point, I had to excuse myself to the bathroom and sneak out.

Apparently, he texted Brett about it who sent me this Photoshop:

Saving Danny is the end of the level, but the other path - sneaking out - has something interesting to show off as well...

So I ran around front to get my coat.

I couldn't run away, though. What if I slipped on my ass?

That would be bad. I had to acknowledge him... and his cute friend!

Hmmm... what to do...

I can't go over there!

I'd love to.

We'd walk over to the bar when... (I have a vivid imagination)

And neither of those things would be good!

I'm sorry, do I know you?

And that was just lead to him being heartbroken.

Oh! Danny. Guess who I ran into?

No, I ran into him on my way back to you, cutie.

No, the line was too long so I had to use the men's room.

Which would lead back to dinner.

I had to tell Elliot and the cute guy.

Actually, I was just leaving.

What should I say?

Edmond Dantes posted:

I'll ask tomorrow at the office, anyone remember the name?

Love Triangle: Dating Challenge.

Migishu posted:

I just had the most evil of thoughts pop into my head.

What if you could pepper spray the poor basterd while he's chocking to death? Please, if you can, go back and see if you could do this.

Beaten, but yeah. I was too stunned to use items when that happened!



Right. Would you get it for me?
Um... sure.

Suddenly, I heard a commotion insider. I went in and saw-


She is my date!
Then why was she outside?


With that, I laughed awkwardly!

What next?

Oh come on! This is A Material! You can use this in your act!

What did me call me?!

Hey, my grandma called! She wants her hat back!

I was so mad I could barely register that was the Golden Line here!

Why, you... you...

So, I swung at him!

[You miss!]

Damn! Pepper spray time!

He ducked! Oh no!

[Critical Miss! Conor receives 0 HP of damage! Conor is stunned!]

I can't stand his laughing! I kneed him in the groin!

[Danny receives 30 HP of damage!]

He got back up, and with no other recourse... I cried like a baby. Fortunately, the blonde guy recovered quickly. He must be immune to it or something.

I picked up a bottle of laxatives that Danny had dropped.

[Cue Fanfare]

Okay, so the first three get you carted off to jail, but crying will complete this stage. It's also the only way to finish it and get the Golden Line. But you miss out on the artwork.