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Part 7: Chapter VI. Attack of the Augmented Stereotypes

Chapter VI. Attack of the Augmented Stereotypes

My first day as a real model! I couldn't wait! I wanted to be a model since I was three years old if my Golden Line Notebook was anything to go by!

Now... it was time for lights! Camera! Action!

I stopped by Elliot's studio which looked exactly like the loft he was staying at.

And then he took on a murderous look in his eyes.

Uh... okay! What could possibly go wrong?

Oh no! The photographer was a drugged-out Hippie! I had to make sure this shoot would go okay! Being a girl is rough!

How should I pose for the shoot?

I could only think of the previous things I'd thought to say.

How's it going?

Salad chocolate burger. Yellow spectacular read. Sandals hyperventilate water. Phone wolf dear. Brain salad quirk. Molasses funky dream.
Got it. No need to repeat.

I have something to tell you.


I'll spare you. I had to repeat all that nonsense that Hippie told me.

Salad chocolate burger.
Far out!
Yellow spectacular read.
Oh, that tickles.
Sandals hyperventilate water.
Haha, silly.
Phone wolf dear.
Yes, I suppose so.

Molasses funky dream.

How was that?
I found my aura.

And then she gave me:

How should I pose for the shoot?
Whoa, that peace sign button is mind-warping.

baby breath posted:

Oh God, what is with the obnoxiously stereotypical behavior of the characters in Becky's game? You should've maced+gasoline'd her while you could, Becks! That said, offer to pose by the door so you can run the hell away faster.

Gasoline? On a hippie? Ha!

How can you carry that around after all those oil companies have done to profit off of us?

Pepper spray on the other hand...


I'll spare you this as well. Basically, when I mentioned posting by the wall:

It turned out I just had to keep guessing the alternatives, until I mentioned posing by the steps.


And the same for...

The skis.

And finally:

While I liked jaunty, Hippie preferred "apathetic."

No problem.

And then I had to repeat the three! It was like this conversation was just two short, stupid memory games!

Alright! Let's take some photos!

I had no idea being a model was so taxing! After completely forgetting about the stairs, skis, and apathetic face, we took a few and Elliot came back.


This is for you.

And then he gave me $50!

And uh, you might be needing this.

And he gave me Hippie's number!

What do you think? Brett touched it up a little.

Incidentally, I went back to ask the hippie how it was going some more.

Probably the same place you left your brain, tree-hugger.
Right on.

It was like she wasn't listening, but I knew it was a Golden Line, so I wrote it down. And then:

Can I punch you in the face?

Love... beads? What do I use these for?