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Part 11: Bonus 3. The Biggest Whore Competition

Bonus 3. The Biggest Whore Competition

Kiki convinced me to enter this contest, and the accompanying poster really says it all in this update:

Kiki got distracted blowing some guy or something. I only had 43 seconds to win the competition and I had to make out with 6 more guys! Shit! Fortunately there were six assembled near the hot tub.

I ran up to Lucas.

Sprung introduces a new gameplay element in Becky's story.... a timer!

A timer?

Yeah, if you're a slow reader, that's a fucking shame. Since there's no game over in the bonus round, you can actually just jam A to win this. I'll do what I can to keep the time left somewhat consistent, but with the slowness of the emulator, the fact that I have to continually pause it for screen capture, and the fact that it really doesn't matter all that much, you may see the timer reset or - because of the ridiculous amount of flicker with this game - omitted entirely.

The timer appears in the upper right corner of the lower DS screen.

By the way, remember how the Danny Bonus Round from Brett's thread said he had three minutes to complete the stage, but there wasn't a timer? Yeah. I'm, uh, I'm betting they forgot.

Quick! How do I kiss this guy?! (I had to get him to say "Yes" in any context first.)

Kiss me, you fool!

Do you like skiing?

Perfect! I kissed him!

Up next:

My expression there conveyed that well.

That's an interesting hat.

Oh no!

You will listen to me, for I am Queen!

That's a terrific hat!

Yeesh. So I kissed him.

Great. Who's next?

Oh no.

Let's get this over with.

The square root of 16,641 is less than 132?

Whatever! I kissed him.

Ugh. Next!


How about a kiss?

Aw, Christ.

Okay, but make it quick.

So I kissed him!

Whatever. Next!

Hello there...

Kiss me!!!

That was easy. I kissed him.

Next. Oh man, it's the last person any of you were expecting!

Uh, uh, uh!

You're so annoying!

Phew. I kissed him.

I won!

There's a copy of Sprung in here! FUCK!