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Part 10: Chapter VIII. Bagging Dick

Chapter VIII. Bagging Dick

(I don't really like the title, but Brett said you guys would find it funny. Whatever.)

So after procuring the VIP pass, I ended up in the VIP room... which looked very similar to the outside. Anyway, all of a sudden-

There was a weird vibrating coming from my purse!

My cell! It was completely plausible I could talk normally on a cell-phone in a dance club! I could've ignored it, but who cared?


(I could use items, too - over the cell phone?)

pleasantlyplump posted:

did I reference something unknowingly?

Brett's final challenge involves Becky flipping a coin (best two of three) between him and Conor.

And the award for Least-QAed "professional" game goes to...

Sprung! for the Tele-Mace!

Now my phone tastes spicy! Fortunately, Elliot only managed to summon the cops to the hot tub where the culprit (wink) was nowhere near to be found!

Had to replay a bit, but that's okay because if you've noticed - Becky's stages are significantly shorter than Brett's. I'm working on getting this without the dialogue box, but this is probably the most ridiculous character animation in the game.

So, first, I gave him some laxatives over the phone.

Poor Elliot!

It's Game Over right after that.

Again, though, he just called the cops to the hot tub, where they couldn't find the perpetrator.

He told me he didn't want gasoline or love beads, so I went on.

Do you like scary movies?

I decided the best course of action was to rip off the movie Scream.

What's your favorite scary movie?

I'm watching you right now.

I'm going to gut you like a fish!

That was awesome! Anyway, THERE HE WAS! The hot guy!

So the first thing I did was offer him some gasoline.

I don't know how I knew his name, but I just did. Anyway.

Also, if I peppersprayed him, I'm sure it would look like this:


I just loved the way he barely even reacted!

I'm your fantasy, but you can call me Becky.

Seems to be going well so far!

I know.

...How did I know again?

I've been watching you.

Alright... this isn't going so bad...

What's the craziest thing you've ever done?

Come on, tell me!



Oh, there was more.

I've got an even crazier story!

What's crazier than that?

Professor Magician posted:

I like three, because she somehow thinks it's amazing.

So does Sprung. That's the Golden Line for this stage.

One time I accidentally punched my grandma in the mouth.

He liked that so much, he praised the Lord for it! I'd better follow it up!

One time I kissed my friend Erica on the lips.

Let's talk about something else.

So, what do you do for fun?

I had the feeling I'd have to go through all three.

Yikes! I may know about abusing the elderly and kissing my friends, but snowboarding...

I don't know anything about snowboarding.
That's cool.

Yay! He accepted me!

Let's talk about something else.
Like what?
So, where do you work?

Hmmm, judging by his reaction, he must have had gay sex with his father.

Judging from you, he must be a very attractive man.

Oh no! I seem to have struck a nerve with Conor- you know what? Let's call him Conor the Adonis! He is that hot, and we would get along sooooo well.

Wanna go out this weekend?

So we went into the bathroom and made out, but I cut it short, because I am NOT that kind of girl! I wandered around a bit and came back to him, and he totally didn't even remember who I was!

What a shallow asshole! This was further proof that my love for him was something real.

So I played it very similar than before, except that when he brought up his father, I said it was refereshing to meet someone close to their family. He said he wasn't, and I asked if he wanted to talk about it. Strangely, Conor the Adonis said that his dad tries to control him, and I told him to ignore it.

I also told him that the craziest thing I ever did was mix apple sauce and relish and ate it (Golden Line!) and that I rode a soft-tail (Doesn't matter) - he called me out on it and that confessed that I lied because I thought snowboarders were hot.

And this time, when I asked him about the weekend:

Brett told me he saw my reaction and happened to take a picture, touched it up in Photoshop and sent it to me.