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Part 9: Chapter VII. The Guardian

Chapter VII. The Guardian

So Erica was telling me some boring story or another, when-

That cute guy from the restaurant came in! Brett told me he was an asshole or something, but damn he was fine!

You're wel-

Bastard shmastard.

Who was that?
That guy.

Wait, Becky! Check out these new novelty glasses we got in!

Yeah, whatev. I wandered over to Sanctuary to go meet him.

And since nothing in my life can be easy, guess who was working there.

Oh for God's sake.

I'm in a hurry.

Fuck you, relax!

You know, what? Being in a hurry might get me in trouble down the road. Maybe DarthCat has the right idea.

Let's back up a bit.

How's it going?
Not bad...
I need to get inside!

I hated it when he did that. I decided to charm my way in.

This sickened me. In fact, the way i kept retreating from him after I said anything probably greatly reduced any shot at subterfuge I had.

If I'd rushed things earlier, I'd probably be met with...

Fortunately, now...


Mr. Lobe posted:

I don't suppose you could gas him for old times sake?

I don't normally take requests, but...

I see.

Okay, this was really none of his business... but he was the doorman...

kenthebear posted:

(I don't know what for, but dammit, we're doing whatever we're doing)

I'm trying to meet that cute blonde guy in the VIP room! Whose name I inconsistently know!

As long as it takes.

Uh oh.


What the-? He started crying and then stopped immediately! What kind of psychopath was DB-X? (I like that. I'll start calling him that.)


Ugh! If I said no, he'd never let me in. And I obviously can't say yes! Fortunately, he got distracted and left. When he came back, I started the whole conversation with him over. This time I didn't say "Oh, you know..." but everything else was the same. And now:

Yes. (I'm sure I still want to go in.)

Crap! Maybe there's still something I can do...

You would not believe the wart I have on my foot!

I think it's working! I'm obscenely happy with it anyway!

I think - at the very least - I'll try the 'Bird bending bush back' thing later just to see what he says!

I think it's growing.

Heh heh!

It's greenish in color.

I was always so happy talking about this!

It's safe to say I have a foot-beard at this point. I'll probably have to start shaving soon.

Hells yeah! Go me!

Brett sent me a Photoshop.

As I wandered into the VIP area past the line - oh, did I mention there was a line? - I thought of another way I could have handled that.

Bird bending bush back.

Yawning yellow yoyo you're yuck.

What's that?

Where were wonderful weasels?

Diving dogs dumps donkeys down.

Yeah, that probably would have worked, too.