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Part 14: Chapter X. Date With Destiny

AlleyViper posted:

In both cases I'll still take Sprung over anything MTV throws at me.

Actually, MTV has really come a long way in terms of story development and production quality.

Chapter X. Date With Destiny

Sprung introduces not one, but TWO new gameplay elements here!

It was finally time for my date with the hottie, Conor! Erica came over to help me get ready.

Gameplay element 1: A move counter! While the rest of the game is mostly static dialogue trees, you can actually do a bunch here with Erica, in terms of item use and asking for advice. But if you make too many moves, you'll be late for the date. The "puzzle" is figuring out exactly what's necessary to do for the date before going on it.

She gave me red high-heels, white Go-Go boots, and slippers.

Wait - the rest of me? Eat mace, bitch!

What the?

Bad att-

Whatta jerk. She gave me back the pepper spray, so I decided to smooth things over with the Nintendo DS.

Alright, anyway...

Let's move things along here.

So I applied makeup, brushed my hair, and went off to see Conor.

Off to the nature trail - hey, this was just like my dream!

What moment could that possibly be?

Hello to you, too, big boy.

Hey Conor.

Good thing I applied eyeliner first, then eyeshadow, and mascara in that order.

Good thing I applied lip-liner and lipstick!

It's also lucky that I didn't apply blush or he'd have said "Do you always wear this much makeup?" Anyway. Oh yeah, and you always start with cover up.

Make-Up Solution:

Cover Up


Tasian posted:

Then, when you look into his eyes, show him the DS and see what he says!

Don't you think?

Big head!

Anyway, I got my DS back and said:

Pretty good.

I can also hold his hand or use items.

How was your day today?


I started a message board thread and asked people from the Internet what to do about you.

Oh no! I can only think of the exact same choices as before!

I test drove a car! Gran Turismo up in this piece!

This made me angry for some reason.

A hover-car that travels through time.

He... he thought I was serious?!

And all I could think to do was...

Say something I thought of before?

I went on a nature hike.

Once again, this made me angry for reasons I couldn't explain.

While the sillier responses were sure to just make Conor the Lovable angry, I decided to go with:

In the woods.

So, what's your family like?
Whoa, that's pretty forward of you.

Shit. I had to smooth things over some more first.

So, what do you feel like doing tonight?

...Well, going on a date with someone more decisive than this, for starters.

We could go to the Tap Room.

"Calm down, Becks," I thought. "You're on a date with a really hot guy. I know you're upset about Matthew McConaghey not returning your e-mails, but still."

My reaction to this: "You... you do?"

"Oh, you stupid bitch! Who told you to say that?!"

Somehow - even though I had absolutely no way of knowing it and wasn't clued in on it at all... I knew the correct answer was soup. Even though I could answer as many times as I wanted. But I knew. It was fate!

The soup.

Grrrr! Did that asshole call me indelible? I'm not even sure what that meant! Maybe something good.

So, you're pretty cute...

So, what's your family like?
They're pretty cool.

Well, I knew he hated his father...

I'll bet you're a momma's boy.

Okay, I was an emotional wreck, but even for me, these random fits of anger were out and out ridiculous. What was wrong with me?

So, you're pretty cute.

Your face is just...

Thank you.

Remember that time that we went to the nature trail?
You mean right now?
Ready to go?
Sure. I really hope this works out...



Okay, Sprung. I'm not a fucking idiot. I got it.

Fortunately, I was able to convince Conor that I just had a migraine and he thought it would be a good idea to "start over".

I had pretty much done the right things; just in the wrong order. I told him I went for a nature trail in the woods first, we should go to the Tap Room where he'd like the soup. THEN I said he was cute and started complimenting him.

Your face is just... adorable.
Thank you.
And your eyes...

I knew what she did. She gave birth to me! Who didn't know that?

Then I held his hand.

You have really soft hands.

And then... this romantic moment lasted what seemed like forever as I leaned into kiss him.

... ... ...Is what he would have said if I'd not remembered to eat some chewing gum before leaving. Who needs toothpaste when you have Wrigley's, really?

Wow... Wow.
You are the greatest kisser of all time. But maybe I should double-check just to make sure.

Brett wouldn't make me a Photoshop for some reason, but that was okay because his friend Danny just happened to be nearby and snapped a photo of it.