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Part 23: Alternative 3. Letting Her Down Easy

Alternative 3. Letting Her Down Easy

In the stage where you have to set up Brett and Erica, there's an alternate ending you can get. You can complete the stage without having Brett agree to the date and you get this stage.

Inexplicably, instead of making the deal with Brett, you can also convince him that he's thirsty and give him the glass of water from the previous stage.

As far as I can figure, this only serves the purpose of losing your glass of water. If anyone would like to play more Sprung and figure out what the point of it is, you can be my fucking guest.

So, apparently, Brett never called Erica back after their date... and I tried to convince him to take her out a second time, but he just wasn't interested. Now I had to break the news to Erica.

I had to go about this gently and use appropriate body language.

Maybe I should just ease it into conversation.

So about Brett...

I was just going to beat the level and not fuck around but seeing that last dialogue option made me laugh. So, what shall it be? Should I just finish this stage or do you want to see what happens with this stuff?

Brett wouldn't touch you in a hazmat suit, beast!

Hmmm... that would be no good. I decided maybe I could get somewhere if I just trashed Brett endlessly.

Brett's been acting really weird lately.

I'm worried about him.

Sometimes I think Brett might have mental retardation.

I drew back a little because Erica smelled awful.

I was being serious!

Brett's a tool.

He's a complete freaking moron not going out with you!

He has no idea what he's missing out on.

He doesn't deserve to be on the same mountain as you.

I know so.

Why would that be-

This infuriated me to no end.

You're acting crazy.

I have never and will never be in love with Brett.

Brett and I don't feel that way about each other.

Erica, I promise you the reason it didn't work out with you and Brett has nothing to do with me.

Maybe I was close to convincing her, though...

I decided to let Erica calm down a bit, and went back to smooth things over with Kiki and Alex. Doing so allowed me to attain another Golden Line! Basically, while trying to tell Alex why Kiki was such a bitch, I said:

"She only does it because she lost her pet lizard in a tragic boating

Gold! That was gold, you hear me! Able to smooth things over, I got paid $50 for being a waitress!

And I made Brett give me a Photoshop!

God, Kiki looks like a man there.

Anyway, I still had to calm Erica down. It turned out, I had the right idea down, really. All I had to do was diss the shit out of Brett. You know where I went wrong?

I think he might have mental retardation.
You're probably right.

More Golden Lines for me! More appopriately, though, I had to butter up Erica more. Tell her she had nice eyes. And that she was actually hot.

The only difference between a hot girl and one who's not is confidence.

Whatever. I'd let Fish-Nerd believe anything at this point if it would shut her up and let me get back to letting Conor buy stuff for me.

What a... what a whore! It's called halitosis, Erica, and it's a medical condition, okay?

Well, things were a little too "dykey" for me! Time to get the hell out of Dodge.

And with that, it was time to go to the spa.

Oh, Brett! You and your wacky imagination.