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Part 24: Chapter XIV. Betrayal?

Chapter XIV. Betrayal?

I've been walking around in a haze the last couple of hours. There was a rumor going around that Conor was cheating on me! I had to find out if it were the case... and if so, with who! And I'd have to gather the evidence and... and...

But... what if it weren't true? Maybe he does love me, just like I love him! I mean he's "my guy!" I even had a dream sequence about him! How could it be?

Who to talk to first?

I decided to approach Alex first.

What the hell? Persistence in Becky's game? Yep. Depending on how you treat Alex in previous scenes, you might have to convince her to help you here. In fact, it's technically better for Alex to be mad at you- it leads to the Golden Line:

"Remember that time you needed someone to hook up with your boyfriend and I
was right there, helping you out?"

Since I went back to befriend Alex to get the artwork, however, here she's completely fine with you.

While I wanted to get to the heart of the matter, I'd have to break the ice and have a normal conversation, then gently work it in, like:

Can I talk to you?

Like that.

Is Conor cheating on me?

The emotional wreck I am, I started crying. Then I got instantly angry.

Who with?

The... the what?

There's a picture?!

There's a picture and Kiki has a copy! And she was showing it to people?! I had to go see her and find out.

It was time to go see Kiki about this.

I was upset, that's what was up.

Why don't you tell me, whore?

Just give me the picture, skank.

Okay. Two drinks later, and she forgot about the whole thing. And I had to keep my cool. There was no reason to be mad at Kiki.

Have you heard anything about a picture that's floating around?


Oh no.

Why are you lying to me?

My head was spinning. I couldn't believe what was going on.

I know you have the picture.

Oh my God... my best friend... and my new boyfriend. In my rage, I thought of a bevy of insults.

Use Item! You're nothing more than a used item!

Give me the photo, slut.

She did.

I'm outta here. You better watch your back.

Now to confront Conor about all this...

HitTheTargets posted:

Do we even get to see the picture?

No, it looks like a manila folder in the inventory.

It was time to face Conor. At Elliot's apartment, strangely.

I can't believe you cheated on me, you bastard!

FYI: The GameFAQs FAQ I'm reading uses asterisks to censor out "bastard" and "slut"

Oh, really?

Then what would this be?
What would what be?

And I showed him the pictures!

I hate you! Go get in an accident!

Get out of my face, you big-headed bastard!

And he left. How could I cope with this?

So I bought a pair of boots. I'm such a girl!

But... I wasn't quite done with that bastard yet...

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