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Part 25: Chapter XV. Revenge

Chapter XV. Revenge

No one cheats on Becky Skye. No one.

It was time to go to Sanctuary and unleash my Master Plan.

Oh, you'll find out, Conor. You'll find out.

Calling him a jerk, or being too soft about it would probably end things here.

I have to talk to you.
About what?

Welcome to the only real branch in this stage. The first choice nets you an attempt at the laxatives path, which I can't get on my DS or in the emulator. The second is what we'll be doing in this update.

Almost every choice in this stage is Game Over - usually with Conor leaving for one reason or another.

What time are you meeting Brett?

I decided the best way to plan out my course of action was to be vague. So vague that no one - and I mean NO ONE (including the player) could possibly know what I was talking about.

I guess I was wrong.

Did he? Oh ho, did he ever!

Not really.
What else did he say?

Something about skis.

That they were really nice.
Oh yeah?

After midnight.
Interesting... Did he say where?


So what's this all about?

Aha! If you're a little confused on the plan, I decided to call up Brett.


Then I called the police station.

Brett made a Photoshop to commemorate the event.