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Part 26: Chapter XV. Revenge (Alternatively...)

Chapter XV. Revenge (Alternatively...)

Instead of getting him arrested, I had a much craftier plan.

So, your father...
What about him?

Does he still hate your guts?
Yes. Why do you ask?

He came up in conversation.
With who? What do you want from him?

A financial advisor.
I see.

You love him.
No, I don't! Why should I help you?

Because you owe me.
I said I was sorry!

Fortunately, he left his cell phone, I guess. Also, fortunately, he'd let me know when he got back from the bathroom, instead of just... well... coming back.

I got his dad's number from the cell.

I had to play this cool. If he caught on, he might call his father and warn him about me... which would probably be the smart move anyway, but it was best not to arouse suspicion.

So can I have the number?
I don't know...


Fine, forget it.
I'm sorry!

Once he left, it was time to call up Conor's father - Dickbag Sr. - and lay down the hammer.

Here we go.

It was very important to use the right body language here.

Mr. Hamilton, you need my help.

A friend of your son's.

To help you.

Conor is romantically involved with your mistress.

There was silence for a bit.



got your revenge.

To commemorate my wit and extreme, extreme amount of luck, Brett made me this Photoshop.