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Part 28: Chapter XVI. Revenge. Again.

Chapter XVI. Revenge. Again.

Life was so unfair. Not only did Dickbag cheat on me, but he ruined my relationship with my best friend. Even though I had gotten petty revenge, it was time to get real revenge and fuck up one of his friendships...

By seducing his best friend, Elliot.

I walked around Snow Bird Mountain and found Elliot having a drink by the hot tub. I ran to the locker room, got some stuff that I stored there and walked over.

Hey there, Elliot.

Oh, right. Thailand... well, fuck her.

Let's not talk about Leanne right now.

I want to talk about Conor.

Everything was going according to plan.

Well, I guess Kiki is too hot to resist.

Yeah, I heard him mumbling something on his cell phone... With Leanne...

I had his attention. If I could convince him that Conor was after Leanne, I'd have him all to myself... God, I was a fucking genius.

I don't remember exactly...

Those were good, but...

That line was gold! I was good at collecting these things!

Now to change topics for no reason at all.

I want to talk about you.

Now to get him into the hot tub.

Let's talk about you.

I just think you're really brilliant.

This is not the response I expected!

Actually, it appears under the waitress path, this is a bad thing to say. I'll explain at the end.

I just think you're really cute.

I wanna know what makes Elliot flow.

I had no real way of knowing what order to say all four things... it'd have to be trial and error, but fortunately, I had woman's intuition on my side, which meant doing things alphabetically for no reason at all.

Your sense of adventure?

Your business sense?

Your charming, sensitive side?

Your sense of style?

So, wanna get in the hot tub?

Fortunately, he came back in about ten minutes. I tried again, and this time, I switched things up. Instead of going for the Golden Line earlier - when Elliot asked me if I was sure I'd seen Dickbag talking to Thailand, I said:

Would my mind have come up with 'hey, my sexy little chestunut?'

Then proceeding as before...

So, wanna get in the hot tub?

What is it?


Ugh. I was angry at that, but I still wanted revenge.

Are we still talking about Conor?

How can I be mad on a night as beautiful as tonight?

Get in the hot tub and I'll free YOUR mind.

Crap - I had to figure out how to get him in the hot tub without my right eye twitching.

On the waitress path, I had to give up the Golden Line.

Sprung uses a pretty transparent "points" system. Say enough positive things about Elliot to get him to the second phase of the stage. Unfortunately, as a waitress, you don't know him so

"I think you're just really brilliant"

Doesn't count as a positive. Unfortunately, neither does the Golden Line, so to make up for it, I had to use the sexy chestnut line in lieu of the Golden Line to get enough positive responses to get him near the hot tub.

Hey guys, sorry it's been awhile. Elliot and I just got to talking and he showed me his new cool glasses.

Anyway, now to get this guy in the hot tub to get my revenge on Dickbag!

So, wanna get in the hot tub?

Amazingly, he told me that he was the one who dared Conor to kiss Kiki!

Are we still talking about Conor?
You're not mad?

I was angry and I wanted an angry hook-up to help me get over it. NOW.

By mad, do you mean filled with a blind, murderous rage?

Get in the hot tub or I'll scream.

I think I'm gonna go.

It was time to lay down the law.

Look, when I put an offer on the table, guys don't turn me down.

So, I kissed him.

Oh. Wow.

I guess I must have blacked out for a minute, because we were suddenly in our swimsuits in the hot tub. Really!

I can't write to this shit.

And even more suddenly I fucking guess...

Conor! Where did he come from?! Didn't he mysteriously vanish? ...Wait, no really. What happened to that?!

After this incident, Danny sent me a photo - apparently he just happened to be taking pictures of the hot tub at the time.

But right after that happened.

So, I know I'm "breaking the fourth wall" a lot in this thread, but part of the reason I don't like writing as Becky is that her story is really a lot less coherent. And that's saying a lot considering Brett's. But really, how do I explain this? They were JUST in swimsuits!


Try to remember, too. This isn't an obscure company like Cyberdreams or Telarium. This is Longtail Studios - which was a joint venture between Ubisoft and Gameloft. UBISOFT! So, everytime you play a game like Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory you'll say things like: "Wow, this game has the best graphics that are too dark to see ever!" But they just couldn't spare an artist for five minutes to give Becky even a static image wearing a bikini or Elliot with his shirt off?

Quickly, I threw on my green dress.


Elliot didn't know what to say, so I decided to help.

What right do you have to be mad?

It was a package of Karma Melts. I had some candy and with that, I watched the fight ensue.

Welcome to another Golden Bonus update where Sprung makes us play a character we don't want to! This time around it's everyone's favorite...

"If I Did It: Confessions of a Dickbag"

That jerk Conor tried AIMing me today! Take a look at this! He was talking to me about the whole Kiki thing over IM, and Brett helped me reconstruct the events of the night with Photoshop.

Sprung's breaking the fourth wall again. Whenever you kiss someone, the screen flashes white, although this time...